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‘Tragic Prelude,’ a mural painted by John Steuart Curry, depicts John Brown’s role in ‘Bleeding Kansas,’ with the bloodshed, fire and tornado hinting at the coming Civil War.

George Phillies: January 6, 2021 – Our John Brown Moment?

Let us return to the unfortunate dead days of 1840-1860, the days leading up to the Civil War. The United States had two political parties, the Democrats and – toward the end fading out of existence – the Whigs. We had a series of Presidents, most mediocre.

At the start of the period, each party had a northern and a southern wing, the two wings being not wildly different in strength.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Executive Committee Meeting Scheduled for July 11, 2016: Encumbrance for Washington DC Candidate

13177215_10154154527882726_5080032156295890667_nFrom the LNC Business List:

There will be an Executive Committee teleconference on Monday, July 11.

The meeting is being called to discuss an an encumbrance to place a
candidate on the ballot for Washington D.C. delegate.

Date: Monday, July 11, 2016
Time: 9:30 p.m. Eastern / 6:30 p.m. Pacific

Dial-in: (217) 258-5588
Guest Pin Code: 207730

1.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Summary of Executive Committee Meeting 6/15/16 on New York and Washington DC Ballot Access (additional states discussed)


New York

There was an error in the conference call program in which it did not connect this IPR editor to the call until after it was underway. I was able to connect at the time the below Motion was called as follows:

Move that $25,000 in LNC funds be encumbered to the Libertarian Party of New York to obtain ballot access.… Read more ...

Bruce Majors: DC Should Aim Higher-Legalize Commercial Growing

Bruce Majors

Posted to The Daily Caller
March 24, 2014

By Bruce Majors, Libertartarian Candidate for DC Mayor

Washington, D.C. recently rated near the top of American cities for income inequality. Perversely, D.C.’s economy is a welfare state for the rich, or at least the upper middle class: The federal government imports thousands people with law or other graduate degrees to D.C.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson Visits George Washington University As Part of Live Free College Tour

Gary Johnson visited George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, D.C., on April 29th to deliver a speech and conduct a Q&A as part of his Live Free College Campus Tour. Bruce Majors went to the event and filmed it. Here is the first part on YouTube. The full event has 9 parts on YouTube.… Read more ...

Libertarians Are Now a Major(s) Party in DC

This was found on Facebook

by Martin Austermuele
November 7, 2012

Sometimes you win even if you lose.

That was the case with Bruce Majors , a Libertarian challenger who lost his bid to unseat D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton but attracted 13,462 votes in the process, almost twice what he needed to gain major party status for the D.C.

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Wayne Root: DC Media Bonus Appearances!

“I thought you’d be interested (and I hope proud) to learn that even though I’m only available to DC media for one day (Friday)…I’m going to be appearing live on two national radio shows based in D.C.”  Wayne Root.

Wayne is flying from Puerto Rico, where he had a speaking engagement, and to Washington DC for the LNC meeting. 

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Green Party leaders challenge the new Congress to restore the rule of law after a decade of constitutional violations and abuses of power by Presidents and other officials

Press release:

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders challenged Democrats and Republicans in the 112th Congress, as well as President Obama, to end a decade of reckless violations of the U.S. Constitution, international agreements, and other laws by the U.S. government and begin a new era of respect for the rule of law.… Read more ...

The ‘face for the Statehood Greens’ vs. The Washington Post

Washington Post blogger Mike DeBonis and DC Statehood Green Party activist David Schwartzman have gotten into a verbal tiff lately, started by Debonis’ assertion that “the Statehood Green Party has withered into near-oblivion.”  Schwartzman responded in an online newsletter, and DeBonis posted a lengthy reply today.  As of yet, there has been no reaction to DeBonis.… Read more ...

Matt Welch: ‘The Great Libertarian Conspiracy’

Excerpts from an article by Matt Welch of Reason:

New York Times columnist Frank Rich accused the Kochs of plotting “a billionaires’ coup” to secure “corporate pork,” tax cuts, and a blank check for Wall Street bailouts. “What the Koch brothers have bought with their huge political outlays,” opined Times columnist Paul Krugman, “is, above all, freedom to pollute.”

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Constitution, Green and Libertarian Party National Offices Release More Names of Party Members Elected to Office Last Week

Ballot Access News:

The Green Party national office has released a list of party members who were elected or re-elected last week. As noted at this site earlier, Ben Chipman was elected to the Maine legislature [p: as an independent], and the party won three important elections in California: in Richmond; Mendocino County; and Hollister.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: Lessons Obama Should Have Learned From Watching the Super Bowl

Lessons Obama Should Have Learned From Watching the Super Bowl

The Difference Between Las Vegas and Washington D.C.

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

I am probably the only politician in America whose day job is Las Vegas oddsmaker. I’ve learned many valuable lessons from sports and sports betting.… Read more ...