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Video of Virgil Goode’s Appearance on Washington Journal

Virgil Goode is a former U.S. Congressman from Virginia and the current Constitution Party presidential nominee. Last Sunday morning he appeared on C-SPANs Washington Journal, where he was interviewed by the host and responded to many queries from callers. Video has now been posted here.

Goode was critical of the influence of money on politics.… Read more ...

Socialist Party presidential candidate Brian Moore to appear on CSpan’s Washington Journal

An email from the Brian Moore campaign:

On Friday, October 31, Socialist Party USA presidential candidate Brian Moore will be a guest on the C-Span show “Washington Journal.” Over the course of the interview Brian will also take questions from callers.

Garrett Anderson
National Scheduler
Moore/Alexander 2008

The interview will be from 8 AM EST to 8:30 AM EST.… Read more ...