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C. Michael Pickens at Freedom Gulch: 26 Year Old Libertarian Elected to Moses Lake, WA City Council

DonThis piece originally appeared at Freedom Gulch here authored by C. Michael Pickens.

he closest win for the Libertarian Party of Washington in 2015 came out of the small city of Moses Lake, located in central Washington with a population of around 20,000 people.

Don Myers grew up in Moses Lake until leaving after high school.… Read more ...

C. Michael Pickens: Libertarian Wins in Washington State

WA_Logo_grayThis article originally appeared at Freedom Gulch.

That’s right fellow Libertarians, with a new leadership team in place and a plan created in 2014, we have already put some wins under our belt. Let’s do a quick recap:

It all started waaaaaay back in the beginning of 2014 with a very impatient young Libertarian (myself) and a dream to get Libertarians elected to public office in order to repeal shitty, restrictive laws and let us keep more of our money from an ever intrusive authoritarian government.… Read more ...

Jed Ziggler: Steve Peace Misleads Voters on Top Two and Alternative Parties


Jed Ziggler, who is one of our top writers and commenters here on IPR, has written this rebuttal to an article which appeared August 7, 2014 in IVN , which makes the assertion that the states of Washington and California have third parties which are “thriving” due to the Top-Two laws which have been passsed in those states.Read more ...

Michael H. Wilson: Suggestions in Response to LP’s Call to Stop Obamacare

The Libertarian Party supports a free and open market in health care and believes that you should have the right to choose the type of care you want whether it is traditional Asian, Western medical care or another variation.

Repeal the Occupational Licensing Laws. These laws do not protect patients but are there to protect the profession from competition.… Read more ...

Robert W. Peck: The Spirit of Partisan Politics

by Robert W. Peck
Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

The subject of partisan politics recently crossed my path – not just the fact that partisan politics exists (something we’re all well aware of), but rather the dangers that it holds, its subtle nature and the extent to which it has crept into our thought process.… Read more ...

WA Green Party to host Pacific Northwest Green gathering in Seattle Nov. 13

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The Green Party of Washington State (GPoWS) will be hosting a regional gathering of members (and potential members) of the Green Party on Saturday, 13 November 2010. Greens from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska, and beyond are invited to join us in Seattle for a day of fun, including motivational speakers, music, and food.
Read more ...

Schalk Leonard: ‘Why no party preference?’

By Schalk Leonard:

Citizens, Lovers of Liberty, Washingtonians:

My name is Schalk Leonard, candidate for U.S. Senate in Washington State.

As I campaign and speak to voters, people occasionally ask me: “Why no party preference?”
This is a valid question. We are accustomed to candidates aligning themselves with a party.

Political parties have served a very useful purpose – they allow concerned citizens to pool their values and concentrate their efforts.… Read more ...

WA: Independent Takes on Democrats in Race for State House

From the Seattle Times by way of Third Party and Independent Daily :

The only independent in a race dominated by what he calls “dyed-in-the-wool Democrats,” Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy, 46, wanted to give 34th District voters more diversity in political views. And so he has: Though he is socially liberal and takes the same stance as his opponents on several major issues, he considers himself more fiscally conservative, opposing a high-earners’ income tax and supporting the privatization of liquor sales.… Read more ...

Washington State Independent Schalk Leonard: ‘About the Democrats and Republicans’

Article emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Washington State Independent candidate for U.S. Senate Schalk Leonard:

Americans are growing in many, many ways. Our knowledge, our tolerance, our sense of justice, our capacity to act with courage, and our awareness of the world around us and how it is interrelated – in all of these ways we are making enormous progress above and beyond the standards set by our predecessors.… Read more ...

Wahington State Libertarian Party Chair Rachel Hawkridge condemns drug agents for seizing marijuana legalization petitions

Steven Elliott reports in Toke of the Town

​​Washington drug agents have illegally seized signed petitions for marijuana legalization, according to organizers of ballot initiative I-1068.

Marijuana advocacy group Sensible Washington says it has learned that a dozen signed copies of the marijuana legalization initiative for Washington State of which it is the sponsor, were seized last week by the federally-funded WestNET drug task force.

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Free and Equal: ‘Protecting the Privacy Rights of Petition Signers’

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Do petition signers have a constitutional right to keep their names undisclosed? Or should their support of various initiatives be made public? Without a doubt, keep the names private.

Currently before the U.S. Supreme Court is a case named Doe v. Reed. At issue is whether or not the names of people who signed an initiative petition to repeal Washington State’s same-sex domestic partner law should become public record.… Read more ...

Judge orders Libertarian Party of Washington State to repay over $16k in legal fees

Posted in the Seattle Times by Mike Carter:

The Washington state Republican and Libertarian parties have been ordered by a federal judge to repay more than $70,000 in fees they were awarded years ago during the litigation over the state’s two-party primary.

The Libertarians, the GOP and the Democrats had joined to sue the state over the “top-two” primary system implemented with the passage of Initiative 872.… Read more ...