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News & Notes: Maine Libertarians Can Reenroll, Hawaiian Greens Seek Candidates, Wayne Allyn Root Blasts Trump

MAINE LIBERTARIANS BACK IN BUSINESS: A federal judge has ordered Maine election officials to allow Libertarian Party members to re-enroll in an expedited process and to nominate candidates for the 2022 elections.

The order by Judge Lance Walker, signed last week, requires the secretary of state to send letters informing Libertarians that their unenrollment was unlawful and that they may rejoin.… Read more ...

Wayne Allyn Root: “Get Ready For President Hillary Clinton, VP Michelle Obama”

2008 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Nominee, past two-term, at-large LNC member (2010-2012), and current “Conservative Warrior/Capitalist Evangelist,” Wayne Allyn Root, who claims in a TownHall.com post earlier today (28 Nov 2021) that:

“my predictions have been remarkably accurate. . . . close to .990 . . . best record of anyone in the media.… Read more ...

Wayne Root

Wayne Allyn Root Postpones Blue Lives Matter Rally

As reported on his Facebook page earlier this week, the Libertarian Party’s 2008 vice presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root was to lead a Blue Lives Matter rally this Saturday in Las Vegas.  However, Root has since postponed the event due to safety concerns.

“I am postponing Saturday’s pro police march here in Vegas,” Root announced on Facebook. … Read more ...

White Nationalist Billy Roper Defends 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Wendt

White nationalist Billy Roper, former member of the National Alliance, founder of the now-defunct White Revolution, and current coordinator of The Shieldwall Network, defended 2020 Reform Party presidential candidate Joe Wendt, who represented Roper in Roper’s 2012 campaign for the Boston Tea Party’s (BTP) presidential nomination.  Wendt has given various excuses for his participation in Roper’s campaign: claiming it was someone else with a similar name, that he had been hacked, that he was pulling a prank on the BTP, a prank on Roper, a practical joke, and, most recently, that he had simply made a mistake,

Before seeking the nomination, Roper’s far right activities and views were well publicized. … Read more ...

Wayne Root

Wayne Allyn Root Loses Column After Promoting Silver-Based Product as Coronavirus Killer

Wayne Allyn Root, the Libertarian Party’s 2008 Vice presidential nominee, lost his column with the Las Vegas Review-Journal after promoting a silver-based product he claimed would kill coronavirus.

During his March 11 show on Newsmax TV, Root remarked “You fear coronavirus, here’s a very important message now” before a commercial ran for MyDoctorSuggests.com,… Read more ...

Third Party Connection in Kate Steinle Murder Case

In the high profile murder case of illegal immigrant Garcia Zarate, the man who fired the fatal shot that killed San Francisco woman Kate Steinle three summers ago, the lead defense attorney may be someone with whom IPR readers are familiar.  Public defender Matt Gonzalez, a longtime Green Party activist, secured the “not guilty” verdict for Zarate on the two most serious of three charges Zarate faced.… Read more ...

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Will Johnson/Weld Fall Below 4 Percent?


With recent polls, including ABC News (3 percent), Real Clear Politics (4.6) and Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight (4.7) indicating/forecasting a below 5 percent national vote total for Johnson/Weld one week from today – the result of a fairly consistent drop of about 1/10th  of 1 percent daily for the past few weeks, and with that decline appearing likely to continue, or even increase in magnitude, IPR is opening the doors to the more psychic or reckless of our readers to put your predictions in public.… Read more ...

The Jason Stapleton Program: The Republican Liberty Caucus Should Remove Wayne Allyn Root



By Remso W. Martinez
January 29, 2016

Do labels mean anything anymore? Apparently not, especially if you are Wayne Allyn Root…

As I stated in my recent op-ed for The Libertarian Republic, “My focus is not on a party, but on ideas. Partisanship is never about advancing ideas, its about winning.”… Read more ...

Ted Cruz names Bob Barr head of outreach effort to Ron Paul supporters and libertarians

via The Iowa Statesman.

Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz today named former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr the National Chair of the “Liberty Leaders for Cruz” coalition. The campaign also released a video of eight leaders in the Liberty movement who are actively working for the Cruz campaign, featuring their personal stories of why they supported Ron Paul, and why in 2016, they support Ted Cruz for President.

Read more ...

Wayne Allyn Root Gives Campaign Advice to Donald Trump


Wayne Allyn Root was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for vice-president in 2008. Since he has since returned to the Republican Party, IPR rarely covers his activites or writings. However, I’ve made an exception here because he is discussing that candidacy.

Posted to Townhall

August 6, 2015

Advice to Donald Trump From a Fellow Big-Mouthed New York Businessman & Politician

I’m sure the top political consultants and experts in the world are all advising Donald Trump to “tone it down” and “act Presidential” at tonight’s first GOP Presidential debate.… Read more ...

The Week: Root wrote “craziest thing” about SCOTUS ACA decision

Ryu Spaeth of The Week wrote this afternoon that a piece for The Blaze by Wayne Allyn Root suggesting that Chief Justice John Roberts was “blackmailed” into writing his majority opinion “was the craziest thing written” about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Affordable Care Act subsidies.

The piece calls Root “the Libertarian Party’s vice presidential candidate in 2008.”… Read more ...

Wayne Root: Democrats are using Libertarians to hurt the GOP

2008 Libertarian presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root was a guest on The Blaze TV on Nov. 6th; he discussed the Virginia gubernatorial election as well as the reason why he left the LP in 2011.


 … Read more ...