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California Green with family in Japan addresses crisis there

Via Gregg Jocoy at Green Party Watch:

The national Green party issued the following press release. It addresses the situation in Japan from the perspective of someone with family there. It’s by Wes Rolley, former co-chair of the Eco-Action Committee, and writer at California Greening

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contact: Laura Wells 510.504.4254 lwells@cagreens.org… Read more ...

Wes Rolley, Green Party US EcoAction Committee CoChair on Robert Byrd and subsidizing US exports for dirty coal plants in China

David Roberts writes at Gristmill blog

Lee Buchsbaum writes that U.S. coal producers increasingly find it more profitable to export their product:

With the falling dollar, selling to Asia, Europe or South America is giving coal producers a higher return than selling into the United States. “If I were running a coal company and I looked at what’s happening on Capitol Hill and the states, I’d be very inclined to send my marketing team overseas,” said Michael Morris, AEP chairman, president and CEO.

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David Cobb: Change is in the air

David Cobb, Green Party presidential nominee in 2004, writes about election night results in The Times Standard of California’s North Coast. In the article he lays out reasons for the victories of local candidates, and also comments on California’s Eminent Domain reform, Proposition 99.

Cobb, his former running mate Pat LaMarche, and California Green Wes Rolley all write regular columns for their local papers.… Read more ...