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Burke: Oregon LP Ballot Access at Risk, Judge Breithaupt was “not accurate.”

(new, improved, updated logo of the “Burke faction”)

IPR received a copy of the following email earlier today.  Submitted to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office last Friday, the unity apparent at the online convention last month seems to have fractured, as the Burke group asks for relief.

Once again (somewhere some IPR reader is keeping track) the Burke faction asks for something the courts and past secretaries of state have declined to provide: recognition of their declared leadership as the state-recognized, official, Libertarian Party of Oregon.… Read more ...

New (R) Oregon SOS Reaffirms Current Libertarian Party of Oregon Leadership

DATELINE: SALEM OREGON – In a Press Release distributed earlier today, headlined “Oregon Secretary of State reaffirms existing Libertarian Party of Oregon leadership,” newly elected Oregon Secretary of State, Dennis Michael Richardson, announced he had “reaffirmed that control of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) is to remain in the hands of its current leadership.”  … Read more ...

Warring Factions of the Libertarian Party of Oregon Finally Reach Resolution Regarding Party Leadership

This was sent to us anonymously. It spells out a long-awaited resolution to the dispute over who the rightful leaders of the Libertarian Party of Oregon are.

After six years of infighting over the Libertarian Party of Oregon, the feuding factions have declared a truce.

In 2011, there was a bylaws crisis that made it practically impossible to make quorum at convention.… Read more ...

Oregon Libertarian Primary Raw Results

The mail-in primary for the Libertarian Party of Oregon concluded on May 27.  Unlike the Libertarian primaries in California, Nebraska, North Carolina, Missouri, and Minnesota, the Oregon primary had general election ballot implications.  Libertarians in Oregon voted to nominate their own ticket based on these primary results rather than follow what the national Libertarian Party decided at the Convention in Orlando.  … Read more ...

George Phillies: Massachusetts Stand on Oregon Issue


The long history of this saga has been documented extensively on IPR. The reader looking for some history can start here and here.

Esteemed Colleagues!

As a state chair of an affiliated state party, I have a direct interest
in how affiliation issues are handled.

Years ago, the LNC Executive Decision came to conclusions about the
Oregon affiliate, based on the facts available to them at that time.… Read more ...

Ian Epstein of Libertarian Party of Oregon PAC Asks for Clarification of August’s Judicial Committee Ruling

It appears that the PAC called the Libertarian Party of Oregon still wants to become the Libertarian Party of Oregon political party affiliate as opposed to being a PAC.

The following letter has been sent to M Carling:

memorandumJudComm Clarification Request (1)

Carling promises a response, and we will update the article when we receive that response.… Read more ...

M Carling Sends New Letter to LNC Re: Who He Thinks the Correct Officers of the Libertarian Party of Oregon Are

here we go again

This letter was sent to the members of the Libertarian National Committee today by M Carling, the current chairman of the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party.

M Carling
Libertarian Party Judicial Committee

Oct 15, 2015

To whom it may concern:

The dispute between factions of the Libertarian Party of Oregon has never been a question of which  organization is the affiliate of the Libertarian National Committee.… Read more ...

LP Judicial Committee Meets Tomorrow to Reconsider Prior JC Decision re Oregon Affiliate; Carling Will Not Recuse Himself

LP Oregon

The Libertarian Party’s Judicial Committee meets tomorrow in a virtual meeting to discuss whether they will overturn the prior Judicial Committee’s decision from 2011 regarding the ongoing, complicated matter of who the legitimate affiliate for the Oregon LP is.

IPR has written at length about the dispute, and the reader can learn about the 2011 events from this article.Read more ...

Libertarian Candidate in Oregon Receives Letter From Richard Burke Recommending He Vote for Republican Competitor

Imagine the surprise Kyle Markley Libertarian candidate for Oregon House of Representives, felt when he opened a letter from Richard Burke. In it, Mr. Burke recommends he vote for his Republican competitor, Dan Mason.

Richard Burke, as many of our IPR readers know, has been involved in a dispute with the Libertarian Party of Oregon since spring 2011, saying that a different set of officers is the rightful leadership of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.… Read more ...

Oregon Secretary of State and LPO Respond to Filing of Candidates by Reeves Group

Danger Drama alert

Posted to the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Facebook page
August 27, 2014


Republican Congressional Candidates Submit False Filings; Attempt to Obtain Libertarian Party Nominations By Deception

Wilsonville, Ore – August 27th, 2014 — The Libertarian Party of Oregon(LPO) has learned that US Congressional candidates Jason Yates, Republican, District 1, and James Buchal, Republican, District 3, submitted false certificates of nomination to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.

Read more ...

Oregon’s Burke: “Helping Other 3rd Parties Benefits LP,” Preps for Wagner Candidate “Disqualifications”

split rock

Split Rock Oregon Trail landmark near Muddy Gap.

Wednesday morning, 11 June 2014, several IPR contributors received a copy of an email from a third party with the allegation (and appearance) that it had been authored by Richard Burke.

The email indicated that Mr. Burke was offering his services to non-Libertarian third party candidates, claimed pro-bono robocall work had already been done for the Pacific-Green Party, related personal attendance at the Pacific-Green Party Convention, and revealed plans “to work with the Progressive Party, Constitution Party, and Working Families Party as well” noting “how dysfunctional the Libertarian Party of Oregon is right now.”… Read more ...

Aaron Starr Revealed to be Primary Source of Funding for Oregon LP’s Lawsuit

Aaron Starr

Wes Wagner has learned the sources of funding for the lawsuit against the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s leadership. Through a search for the Libertarian Party of Oregon on the Oregon Secretary of State’s site, it is revealed that Aaron Starr, who is not a resident of that state, has contributed almost $100,000 to the Libertarian Party of Oregon.… Read more ...