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Wes Wagner Writes to LP State Chairs List Re: Oregon LP Activity

LP Oregon
Wes Wagner has sent this letter today to the Libertarian Party State Chairs list:

I am writing and will make this brief — just so everyone has some updates on the status of things here in Oregon.

First and foremost we have already broken our record for partisan candidates. There are over 26 libertarians registered for our primary, and if history is an indicator, write-ins on our ballots will likely take us past 40.… Read more ...

Lawyer for Wagner Group Sends Letter to SOS Re: Tyler Smith’s Letter Claiming Reeves Group is the Official LPO


The lawyer for the Libertarian Party of Oregon, C. Robert Steringer, has sent a letter to the Secretary of State of that state refuting Tyler Smith’s letter to the SOS, which was dated 2-19-2014. In the Smith letter, Tyler Smith asks the Secretary of State to recognize Tim Reeves and his group as the official leaders of the LPO.… Read more ...

Reeves Group’s Attorney Writes Oregon SOS Still Insisting They Are the Official Libertarian Party of Oregon

Here is the first page of a document sent to the Secretary of State of Oregon. As you can see, Tyler Smith, the attorney for the group headed by Tim Reeves and Richard P. Burke have written to the Secretary of State of that state. In it, they are insisting that they are the “official” Libertarian Party of Oregon, and are asking her to accept that.… Read more ...

“Official” Libertarian Party of Oregon Website Relaunches

Tim Reeves

The website at http://lporegon.net

which was up briefly earlier this year and then deleted following a request from the Libertarian Party of Oregon which is recognized by the State of Oregon, has been relaunched and states that it is,

“The official website of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO).”

The contact page contains information for only one individual as follows,

“You can contact Tim Reeves, pictured above, by emailing chair@lporegon.net.… Read more ...

Two States Withdraw from the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Door slammingYesterday, the leadership of two states made the decision to withdraw from the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA). The LSLA has been a topic of conversation here on IPR several times over the past few months. See here ,
here , and here.

Dear LSLA. ..The state of Georgia libertarian party is leaving the LSLA..The

Read more ...

Minutes of the Conference Call for Libertarian State Leadership Alliance Executive Board 1-05-2014

Minutes of Teleconference Call of Libertarian State Leadership Executive Board

The conference call regular meeting of LSLA Executive Board came to order at 5:01 PM

Pacific Time on January 5, 2014.

Chair Brett Bittner Y
Vice Chair Patrick Dixon Y
Secretary Aaron Starr Y
Treasurer Alicia Mattson Y
At-Large Ken Moellman Y

Invited guests in attendance: Richard Burke

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer has seen almost no financial activity since the LSLA event, except for some
interest income.… Read more ...

Members of the LSLA Discuss Who Should be Listed as The Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Oregon

For the second time this month, The Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) has put on its agenda for their telephone conference discussion of the leadership of the Libertarian Party of Oregon. For the second time, it appears, there was no discussion of it. The issue is that the LSLA lists Tim Reeves as the chairman of the Libertarian of Oregon, but the Libertarian National Committe and the Secretary of State of Oregon list Wes Wagner.… Read more ...

Reeves Group Files Appeal in Judge’s Decision Re: Leadership of LP of Oregon

In a move that surprises no one, the Reeves group has filed a notice of intent to appeal the judge’s May 2013 decision regarding the lawsuit saga of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

Notice of Appeal (P0362232xA8AA7)

For background, please put Oregon LP in the IPR searchbox, and you’ll get almost 60 articles going all the way back to May 2011.… Read more ...

Final Judgement Comes Down Re: Libertarian Party of Oregon

One Does NotThe final judgement has been received from the judge re: the long dispute over the leadership of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

You may remember that the Reeves group filed an order last month asking the judge to clarify that he had not found the Wagner group to be the prevailing party.… Read more ...

More on The Libertarian Party of Oregon Dispute

LP Oregon

It’s been a couple months since IPR has posted anything regarding the dispute concerning the leadership of the Libertarian Party of Oregon, but there has been more activity recently. The plaintiffs wish to have it known that they didn’t actually lose, and that the court didn’t actually declare the Wagner group as the proper leadership of the party.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Oregon Launches Facebook Page

Recently, a Facebook page was created by the Libertarian Party of Oregon. In doing so, Oregon is the final state to set up an official page on the social media network. All Libertarian Party state affiliates now have a Facebook page, although several are infrequently updated and some haven’t had any new content posted in many months, since even the 2012 elections.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Oregon Files Response to Reeves Group’s Response

The Libertarian Party of Oregon has filed some documents in preparation of the hearing scheduled for July 18th.  The hearing will be about ordering the Reeves group to pay for the legal fees of the Wagner group.  For background on the dispute, please see here.

Reply in Support of Motion for Findings under ORS 20.105Read more ...