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Jill Stein, Tim Cahill take part in 4-way Massachusetts Gubernatorial debate

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein took part in a debate with Democratic incumbent Deval Patrick, Republican Charlie Baker, and Democrat-turned-independent Tim Cahill on Monday, October 25th. Here is footage of the debate from Boston TV station WGBH:

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Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party Gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein argues for debate inclusion on WGBH

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Jill Stein and Emily Rooney Debate Third Party Inclusion

Jill Stein of the Green-Rainbow Party crossed swords with talk show host Emily Rooney, who opposes third party inclusion in debates. This interview occurred on the Emily Rooney radio show on WGBH, February 8, 2008. Enjoy.

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