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FL Whigs: Truesdell US Senate Campaign

From a release by Paul Truesdell, chairman of the Florida Whig Party:

“I understand that mine is but one voice, but perhaps when united in a national chorus of discontent against those who would willingly deny you and I as Americans, access to our natural public resources, foundations to governmental entities and asserted councils can better understand how such radical anti-fishing rhetoric is truly impacting the cultural heritage and traditions of our vital coastal infrastructure and refusing us our basic human rights as established under the public trust doctrine.”… Read more ...

Modern Whig Party update

The latest updates at http://www.modernwhig.org/:

OCT 29, 2010

Whig National Chairman Andrew Evans to lead DC-area “Whigs at the Rally to Restore Sanity” on October 30, 2010. Please download our information page handout to distribute at the event.

OCT 27, 2010

Roanoke, Virginia (October 27, 2010) Independent candidate Jeff Vanke running under the banner of the Modern Whig Party was featured in a CNN story today entitled, “Sick of Dems, GOP?… Read more ...