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Posts tagged as “William Talen”

Rev. Billy Talen for Mayor campaign files 18,395 signatures

A campaign insider reported to me this morning that the Reverend Billy team was on their way to the Board of Elections to file a little over 18,000 signatures. Then, the following e-mail went out on the Reverend Billy “activists” list:

Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 12:58 PM

Sean Haugh sent a message to the members of Reverend Billy Talen for Mayor of NYC activists.

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Daily News: NYC Mayor race predictions for Green Party/Rev Billy

Thanks to my co-blogger Ian Wilder for the story at onthewilderside.

The Daily News is one of the big, daily newspapers in New York City. In its “Brawl for the Hall” section, The Daily News reports that Democratic NYC Mayor hopeful William Thompson may consider challenging the Reverend Billy Talen’s petitions (to be filed next week.)… Read more ...

Indypendent publishes detailed piece on Rev Billy and Green Party of NYS

The Indypendent has published a piece about the candidacy of Reverend Billy Talen for Mayor of NYC. The article includes historical notes on the Green Party of New York State; perspectives on Reverend Billy’s campaign from various green camps; the relationship of the campaign to local community organizations; and quotations from other third party politicians (including the Working Families Party.)… Read more ...