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Workers Word: Syria Election Observers at UN, Elections “big defeat” for U.S.

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(The following was originally published on the Workers World website.)

An official United Nations press conference featuring five U.S. observers of the June 3 Syrian presidential elections was held on June 18. The briefing, held at the U.N. headquarters here, featured Joe Iosbaker of the Anti-war Committee — Chicago; Paul Larudee of the Syria Solidarity Movement; blogger Jane Stillwater; Judy Bello, founder of the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars; and Scott Williams of Fight Imperialism, Stand Together and the International Action Center.… Read more ...

Workers World: Detroit Retirees “Denounce Grand Theft Pension”

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(The following was originally published on the Workers World website.)

June 18 — Retired city of Detroit workers continue to oppose deep cuts to their pensions in the face of enormous pressure from the bankruptcy court, politicians and the corporate media.

Rank-and-file committees of retirees continue to find a lot of support for their urging of a “reject” vote on ballots sent to tens of thousands of retired workers or their survivors.… Read more ...

Workers World Party Conference Grapples with Strategies to Overturn Dead-End Capitalism

First Secretary Larry Holmes closes WWP conference.

Workers. Youth. Detroit. Boston. These are now in the forefront of the consciousness of many of the political activists who attended this year’s Workers World Party annual national conference. It was a life-changing experience. Not just the words, but the electric atmosphere sparked early in the Nov. 16-17 weekend meeting here in New York.… Read more ...