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Newspaper Analysis of Impact of Working Families Party on Connecticut 2010 Election

Thanks to Ballot Access News for the tip…

(excerpt from) The Bristol Press
Measuring the influence of the Working Families Party on elections
by Scott Whipple / December 4, 2010

Last Election Day, millions of voters nationwide frustrated with the current administration in Washington, voted Republican.

But not in Connecticut.

Here in The Land of Steady Habits, the Grand Old Party failed to pick up a single seat in Congress and fared almost as poorly in state elections.

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Election Results for Labor Party, and Socialist Action Party

Ballot Access News:

In 2010, two very old political parties that had never appeared on the ballot in a partisan election finally decided to enter a partisan race. The Labor Party placed Brett Bursey on the South Carolina ballot for state representative, 69th district. He ran against a Democrat and a Republican and polled 442 votes, 3.1%.… Read more ...

In New York: Working Families Party makes interesting endorsement

(excerpt from) Long Island Press
Cuomo Accepts Working Families Party Endoresment

By Associated Press on September 12th, 2010

Democrat Andrew Cuomo is accepting the endorsement of the left-leaning Working Families Party in his run to be New York’s next governor…

The party in a written statement is backing Cuomo’s platform in which he promises to cut state spending and confront special interests including those backing the Working Families Party…

Note from KW: In New York State, there are three “classes” of parties: The major parties – The Democrats and Republicans – who are automatic ballot status, and split control of the Board of Elections; Automatic Ballot status parties (such as Working Families Party) who earn and retain each four years the right to run candidates more easily; and “independent political parties”, such as The Libertarian Party in New York, who have some history and rights as a party, but do not have automatic ballot status (unless and until they earn it at the next Governor’s race by getting 50,000 votes).… Read more ...

If signed, bill in state of Delaware will double number of registrants required for minor party status

from Ballot Access News
Delaware Bill, Doubling Number of Registrants for Minor Parties, Passes Legislature

January 28th, 2010

On January 28, the Delaware Senate passed HB 245, so now it goes to the Governor. The bill takes effect as soon as the Governor signs it. The bill doubles the number of registrants for a party to be recognized from one-twentieth of 1%, to one-tenth of 1%.… Read more ...

Money Into The Working Families Organization Buys Influence Over Ballot Lines For The Working Families Party

This article is referring to the Working Families Party in New York State.

(excerpt from) City Hall
All In The Family, Part 2

by Edward-Isaac Dovere

Nothing demonstrates the connection between the Working Families Party and the Working Families Organization like the power the non-profit has over the Party’s political decisions.

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NYC: Candidate contributions are campaign expenditures

In New York State, there is “fusion”, where a candidate can be on a major party ballot line, as well as on a third party ballot line. This new decision, made by the New York City Campaign Finance Board, will most likely affect how third parties interact with candidates in New York City races.… Read more ...

NY: Critique of third party fusion strategy

(excerpt from) onthewilderside.com
The pointlessness of fusion parties like Working Families

by Ian Wilder / September 16, 2009

OK, so an acquaintance in the death penalty abolition movement asked me to take a look at Richard Aborn, who was running for Manhattan DA.  Aborn already had the Working Families line.  Working Families represents itself as the progressive party in NY, and Aborn was being represented as the progressive candidate for Manhattan DA. 

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Is NY’s Working Families the Rent Is Too Damn Low Party?

In New York State, the Working Families Party[WFP] is a third party with automatic ballot status. The WFP is among some third parties which have been criticized for using the “fusion” approach a lot, ie: cross-endorsing major party candidates instead of running their own candidates.

from onthewilderside
Is Working Families the Rent Is Too Damn Low Party?*
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