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Lisa Murkowski wins Senate race with write-in votes

(excerpt from) BBC News
Lisa Murkowski defeats Tea Party to win Senate race

Ms Murkowski was defeated in August for the [Republican] party nomination by Joe Miller, who had been endorsed by ex-Governor Sarah Palin.

Ms Murkowski told supporters to write her name on the ballot [for US Senator from Alaska], and is the first candidate to win a so-called write-in bid for Senate since 1954.

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Write-in Candidate for Wyoming Governor Appears to Have Received 8.5% of Total Vote

Ballot Access News:

Taylor Haynes, write-in candidate for Governor of Wyoming, appears to have received write-ins equal to 8.5% of the total vote cast. He has requested that the state tally his write-ins, so we should get a precise figure in a few weeks. He is a well-known conservative rancher with strong ties to the Constitution Party.… Read more ...

Write-in Candidate Steve Funk Urges Voters to “Think Outside the Ballot”

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Steve Funk is urging voters to “think outside the ballot” by supporting his grassroots write-in campaign for 18th District State Representative.

“By writing in Steve Funk for State Representative on Election Day, voters can send a message that we deserve more choices on our ballot and more voices in the debate,” Mr.Read more ...

Independent running for Maine Senate seat offers invitation, gives instructions on how to write-in his name

Excerpts from an email from Herbert Hoffman, an independent running to represent Maine in the US Senate:

INVITATION! I am having an election night gathering at my home in Ogunquit beginning at 7:30 PM. The address is 42 Juniper Lane and I am requesting an RSVP by 9 PM tonight so that we can plan.
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Kimberly Wilder: Scholastic News disenfranchises young voters

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Kimberly Wilder

Remember being a child, and receiving your weekly edition of Scholastic News? It was presented as real facts and important current events. Most children who read it are not old enough, or supported in critical thinking enough, to disagree with its vision of reality.

It is frustrating that for the Scholastic mock election, they only presented the choice of two candidates – the two, major party, corporate candidates.

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Nader’s media week in review

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This has been a busy media week for the campaign, as we kicked off our Constitution Day pledge drive and Nader’s Southern tour—traveling to Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas before heading to Tennessee. In Oklahoma, Nader addressed crowds about the state’s discriminatory ballot access laws and its refusal to allow write-in campaigns.

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NC Greens face short deadline

The North Carolina Green Party learned today that they face a shorter deadline than they had expected to file paperwork to secure a spot for Cynthia McKinney as a write-in candidate. North Carolina will not count write-in votes for candidates who do not submit a petition signed by 500 registered voters.… Read more ...