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Kathleen Curry Still in Suspense over her Election Returns

Ballot Access News:

Kathleen Curry, Colorado’s only independent state legislator, still does not know if she won the election on write-in votes. The odds seem to suggest that she lost narrowly to her Democratic Party opponent, Roger Wilson. See this story.… Read more ...

Write-in Candidate for Wyoming Governor Appears to Have Received 8.5% of Total Vote

Ballot Access News:

Taylor Haynes, write-in candidate for Governor of Wyoming, appears to have received write-ins equal to 8.5% of the total vote cast. He has requested that the state tally his write-ins, so we should get a precise figure in a few weeks. He is a well-known conservative rancher with strong ties to the Constitution Party.… Read more ...

Update on “Top-Two Primary” issue in California

from Ballot Access News
California Author of “Top-Two Open Primary” Sets Up Organization to Campaign for His Measure
December 26th, 2009

California State Senator Abel Maldonado has established an organization to campaign for the “top-two open primary” measure that will be on the ballot in June 8, 2010. It is “Reform for Change”.

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In Pennsylvania, several write-in candidates beat out candidates on the ballot

Hat tip to Ballot Access News for the story.

(excerpt from) The York Daily Record
Write-ins beat candidates on ballot in some towns

In Franklintown, the mayor ran a write-in campaign and won with just one vote.
By Teresa Ann Boeckel

In a few races around York County, write-in winners edged out candidates on the ballot during the Nov.

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D.C. Board of Elections: Write-ins too much bother to count

from Ballot Access News
D.C. Board of Elections Tells Court Write-ins Are Too Much Bother to Count

October 15th, 2009

The District of Columbia Board of Elections has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit Libertarian Party v District of Columbia Board of Elections, pending in federal court, 09-cv-1676. The issue is whether the Board should be required to count the write-ins for Bob Barr for president in last November’s election.

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Maine legislature to demand full count of write-in votes?

That is exactly what former independent write-in candidate for US Senate from Maine Herb Hoffman hopes will be the outcome of LD 547. As proposed by his state senator Peter Bowman (D-Kittery), write-in votes in Maine will be counted and reported to the Secretary of State.

Media Alert below the fold.… Read more ...

Update on write-in votes

Ballot Access News blog has a series of posts about write-in votes as they are coming in. Here is what they have reported so far:

Virginia has tallied these write-ins for president: Alan Keyes 38, Brian Moore 13.

Michigan has tallied the votes for the two declared write-in presidential candidates. Alan Keyes received 129, and Brian Moore received 41.

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Alabama Presidential write-ins

Posted at Ballot Access News

Alabama is a state that has write-in space on the November ballot for president, and which has no requirement that write-in presidential candidates who want their write-ins must file a declaration of write-in candidacy. However, traditionally, the Alabama Secretary of State has never included any write-ins in her official canvass of votes.

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CT Green Party to file complaint that write in votes were not counted

Posted at Perry County Greens

Green Party of Connecticut officials will file a complaint with local and state election boards that “REGISTERED” WRITE IN votes were not counted in all towns across the state as required by state law, it was announced today. This decision was reached after state Greens checked their own town votes totals showing no registered write in votes for the Green Party candidate for President, Cynthia McKinney and after receiving numerous complaints that town polling places had no list of registered write in lists, were reluctant to show any list, and some local voters were told their write in votes would not count.

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Florida counting thousands of write-in votes for a pair of drunken clowns

A pair of cantankerous old drunks who spend a large amount of their time sitting around a bar in Tarpon Springs, Florida, are being credited with thousands of votes for President. Despite not appearing on the ballot in Florida, John “Gary” Nettles and his running mate, William Bradford “Brad” Krones, have apparently beaten Alan Keyes, Green candidate Cynthia McKinney, and candidates from the Boston Tea Party, Objectivist, Prohibition, Socialist, and other parties.… Read more ...