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Jacqueline Abernathy Waging Write-in Bid for Texas Governor, Backed by American Solidarity Party

The American Solidarity Party is backing Jacqueline Abernathy as a write-in candidate for governor of Texas this year.

It’s worth noting that the ASP has had some success gaining write-in votes in the Lone Star State, where their 2020 presidential ticket polled 3,207 write-in votes. That was far more write-ins than any of the other filed tickets.… Read more ...

The Green Papers Has a Useful Chart on Write-in Access

The Green Papers website includes a useful chart on its site showing where all 2020 presidential candidates have attained ballot access and official write-in access.  It does not count states without limits on write-in votes.

Click here to see the chart.… Read more ...

Steven Wilson: “A Modern Thomas: the haunting of the United States of Joseph Goebbels”

Steven Wilson, a write-in candidate for president, sent the following article for publication at ATPR; he originally published it on his website on July 28th, 2016:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.  For the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state.
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Nader appears on local ballot

Ralph Nader’s name showed up in local news for Long Island, New York. In a disputed local election, one of the contested ballots had a message about Nader scribbled on it.

from Newsday
Ralph Nader named on disputed ballot
December 6, 2013

The name of consumer advocate Ralph Nader made a surprise appearance Friday during a court hearing on disputed Brookhaven [Suffolk County, Long Island, New York] election ballots.

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Oregon GOP Endorsing Former Libertarian Party Candidate for Treasurer

Tom Cox was, in 2002, the nominee of the Libertarian Party of Oregon in the Governor’s race. He scored 5% of the vote in that race and is now running for the office of State Treasurer as a Republican. He has been endorsed by the state’s GOP organization as a write-in candidate, due to a quirk in the law.… Read more ...

California: Senate Votes to Eliminate Write-Ins; Bureaucrats Can’t Translate “Americans Elect” into Spanish

Ballot Access News reports that

On January 19, the California Senate unanimously passed AB 1413, which, among other things, eliminates write-in space from November ballots for Congress and partisan state office. The bill now goes to the Assembly, because when it passed the Assembly last year, it didn’t have the same provisions.

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National Journal: Could Senator Richard Lugar Run As An Independent or Libertarian?

Excerpt from an article by Christopher Peleo-Lazar in the National Journal:

Indiana’s laws for independent candidates are some of the toughest in the nation. In 2000, Ralph Nader did not reach the two percent threshold to get on the ballot, though Pat Buchanan did (Nader, running as a write-in, actually won more votes than Buchanan won for being on the ballot).

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Judge Rejects Libertarian DC write-in case

Staff at LP blog:

Fox News has published an AP story about a federal judge’s decision to reject the Libertarian Party’s request that the District of Columbia count the write-in votes cast for Bob Barr in the 2008 election.

Ballot Access News:

On March 8, U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell, an Obama appointee, ruled against the Libertarian Party, which was seeking a court order to require the Election Board to count write-in votes for Bob Barr in the November 2008 election.… Read more ...

Kathleen Curry Still in Suspense over her Election Returns

Ballot Access News:

Kathleen Curry, Colorado’s only independent state legislator, still does not know if she won the election on write-in votes. The odds seem to suggest that she lost narrowly to her Democratic Party opponent, Roger Wilson. See this story.… Read more ...

Lisa Murkowski wins Senate race with write-in votes

(excerpt from) BBC News
Lisa Murkowski defeats Tea Party to win Senate race

Ms Murkowski was defeated in August for the [Republican] party nomination by Joe Miller, who had been endorsed by ex-Governor Sarah Palin.

Ms Murkowski told supporters to write her name on the ballot [for US Senator from Alaska], and is the first candidate to win a so-called write-in bid for Senate since 1954.

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Constitution Party 2010 Election Highlights

by Gary Odom
National Field Director
at constitutionparty.com

2010 Election
Brings Victories and Near Misses; Highlights
Progress And Reveals Challenges As The
Constitution Party Looks To The Future
Congratulations To Nevada…Again! 
In 2006, the Independent American Party, the Constitution Party’s state affiliate in Nevada elected two of its candidates to office.  This year it doubled up and elected four:three who were elected for the first time and one who who re-elected.
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Write-in Candidate for Wyoming Governor Appears to Have Received 8.5% of Total Vote

Ballot Access News:

Taylor Haynes, write-in candidate for Governor of Wyoming, appears to have received write-ins equal to 8.5% of the total vote cast. He has requested that the state tally his write-ins, so we should get a precise figure in a few weeks. He is a well-known conservative rancher with strong ties to the Constitution Party.… Read more ...