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John Jay Myers: Post-election wrap up

Posted by John Jay Myers on facebook. Myers ran as a Libertarian against Pete Sessions (R) in TX-32.

Official release:

“Thank you to all donors and volunteers! John Jay Myers raised more than any other Libertarian candidate in the 32nd district with over $7200, and he received the highest percentage of any Libertarian candidate in the district’s history.… Read more ...

John Murphy endorsed by Howard Zinn, ‘sabotaged’ by DOT official

In a series of press releases, John Murphy – an independent running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 16th District – has announced some good news and the bad news.

First, the good news: Murphy has been endorsed by Howard Zinn, the world-famous historian and activist. He is most famous for writing “The People’s History of the United States,” a book that looked at our country’s history from the perspective of those usually ignored in the mainstream.Â… Read more ...

Ralph Nader launches nationwide grassroots ‘Get Out the Vote Ground Operation’

Independent candidate for president Ralph Nader launched a nationwide grassroots get-out-the-vote effort today. His campaign is opening 22 offices across the nation, hiring 40 new full time staff members, distributing 20,000 yard signs, 500,000 “pieces of literature,” 100,000 bumper stickers, and 250,000 “lapel stickers.”

Also, the campaign has introduced a new page to its website, where you can find all of local the staff of the campaign on a map of the nation.… Read more ...