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Latest from Bill Still’s Still Report

Bill Still was a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2012 presidential nomination.  He dropped out before the convention and later that year unsuccessfully ran for an open Libertarian National Committee at-large position.  Before his campaign, Still was a journalist who wrote for USA Today among other papes.  He now has a popular YouTube channel with 157,000 subscribers.… Read more ...

2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidates: Where Are They Now?

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While it is widely known that 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is again seeking his party’s presidential nomination, the activities of the unsuccessful 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidates are not so obvious.  I decided to research the matter and provide an update on the former candidates.  I found that out of the nine principal 2012 challengers to Johnson, one is deceased, two have expressed support for Republican front-runner Donald Trump, and three more are again running for President.… Read more ...

Australian Sex Party Campaign Ad 2013

The Australian Sex Party stands for civil liberties and personal freedom. The election is now over, but the ad continues to be watched on youtube, currently over 269,000 times.

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Root Video: Obama’s Plan to Overwhelm the System

Root Video: Obama’s Plan to Overwhelm the System

Based on Wayne’s commentary of the same name that went viral to tens of millions of Americans in the past year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7voEKv52M8

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Wayne Root: Fox News TV Live Video

Wayne Root: Fox News TV Live Video: Wayne Root on Fox News Live

Wayne Allyn Root ran for the Libertarian Presidential nomination in 2008 and currently Chairs the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. His best-selling Book ‘The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.’… Read more ...

Dallas County Libertarian Party youtube spot

Via John Jay Myers at facebook and Grassroots Libertarians:

Description at youtube (with slight corrections): The Dallas County Libertarian Party wants you to know that all elections are not about the Presidency. With a solid group in Dallas we could influence politics as usual a great deal.

Too often voters get hung up believing that they can’t change politics on a local level.… Read more ...

Green Party of Canada: Attack of the Attack Ads

Peter Tretter at Green Party Watch:

So the Green Party of Canada has been in the media lately lamenting attack ads and how they affect democracy. Today the party came out with its own attack ad — attacking attack ads, LOL. Check it out:

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US Pirate Party: YouTube pulls original user’s video due to “Copyright Infringement”

Justin at US Pirate Party:

Last week, YouTube.com had pulled down a video that had 13 million views in 48 hours. This action not only showed us how YouTube favors their partners, and how we need to reform Copyright laws. This video was all over the internet and the news.… Read more ...

Ohio Libertarian Travis Irvine for Congress: ‘Thank You’

Video from Ohio Libertarian Travis Irvine for Congress thanking supporters. H/T Kevin Knedler.

Irvine’s campaign was notable for his use of videos. There’s a collection of them on his youtube channel.

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Google Taking Down Political YouTube Parodies of the Hitler Downfall Movie

From an article at PCWorld.com on Apr. 20 (Hitler’s birthday):

YouTube has recently begun removing videos that feature content from Constantin Films’ 2004 film, Der Untergang (“Downfall”), despite the fact that many of these videos are parodies and thus constitute fair use of the material. […]

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), these videos are being removed because of YouTube’s automated Content I.D.

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Libertarian Alternative now on youtube


Mark Selzer describes it as “Good to educate people inside the party as to what a Libertarian is and those without.

New videos up each week or even everyday.”

Mark Selzer produces the Libertarian Alternative in Hollywood, California. You have permission to spread, link and embed these shows. The show is based on the works of Harry Browne, Ron Paul and David Bergland and uses his book “Libertarianism in One Lesson” as it’s guide.

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An Activists’ Guide to Election Day: ‘Video your vote’

In an email update from the organization Black Box Voting, voting rights activist Bev Harris informed her supporters of a few things:

-Another organization committed to a similar cause, called Video The Vote. You can sign up there to film voting on Election Day in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.… Read more ...