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Ventura, Barkley to meet today on golf course

Doug Grow of the Minnesota Post writes that Minnesota ex-Gov. Jesse Ventura and ex-interim senator Dean Barkley are scheduled to play a round of golf today, and “Barkley wants this to be a high-stakes game.”

“Whoever wins the match does NOT run for Senate,” said Barkley. “And believe me, I can beat Jesse.” That means Ventura runs for Senate? “I’d love to see it,” said Barkley. If Ventura doesn’t run, Barkley may.

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  1. Mike Theodore Mike Theodore June 11, 2008

    One thing I’m noticing is Franken is tapping into old Wellstone voters. Franken calls him his political hero. I don’t see Ventura stealing most of them, nonetheless all. As much as I hate the spoiler argument, this is a perfect storm for that, and Coleman will come out smelling like a bureaucratic cesspool.

  2. NewFederalist NewFederalist June 11, 2008

    Ventura also said if he ran he would spend no more than one year’s salary of a U.S. Senator on his campaign. That won’t likely be enough to win. I would prefer him to either Coleman or Franken but it doesn’t look good this time out.

  3. bsharitt bsharitt June 11, 2008

    I would love to seen Ventura win, but if he doesn’t it doesn’t really matter if Franken or Colman wins the general, they’re both pretty poor choices.

  4. jerseyreformjake jerseyreformjake June 11, 2008

    It’s tough to see if Ventura could win. What I mean is the fact isn’t he not the most loved former governor of Minn.?

    I think Ventura has a chance of winning if he could raise the funds, because he is a likeable guy and in a year filled with “change” Ventura fits that perfectly.

  5. Mike Theodore Mike Theodore June 11, 2008

    If Ruwart won, I said she wouldn’t get 400,000 votes. We agreed on 20.

  6. G.E. G.E. June 11, 2008

    What did we wage on before? Do I owe you?

    I have said that if Ventura runs, Coleman will likely win.

  7. Mike Theodore Mike Theodore June 11, 2008

    I’ll say it again. I’ll even put money on it. If Ventura wins, Coleman will win. G.E., interested in a wager again? I should have cash by November.

  8. citizen1 citizen1 June 11, 2008

    Ventura will have a better chance to win.

  9. bsharitt bsharitt June 11, 2008

    At least it looks like Barkley will step out of the way for Ventura not to run. I really hope he does. Much better than a Coleman or Franken.

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