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Wyoming Governor Signs First Ever Tri-Partisan Bill

Press release from the Libertarian Party:

On Wednesday, March 9th, at approximately 2pm MST, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed four bills into law, including HB 81, the state’s first ever tri-partisan piece of legislation. Libertarian Representative Marshall Burt authored the Operation of Motorcycles – Disabled Persons bill which received the maximum number of co-sponsors from Republicans and Democrats and passed every reading in the House and Senate without a single vote against it before making its way to the governor’s desk.… Read more ...

Press Release: Constitution Party Aims to Oust VP Cheney’s Daughter

The Constitution Party released the following statement Tuesday to its email subscribers urging its members to run for office and discussing the nomination for US Congress in Wyoming:

This is an exciting time, and it’s going to get even more interesting very soon!

Constitution Party members IN EVERY STATE are urged to run for office.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Earns Minority Party Status, Committee Appointments in Wyoming House

On Wednesday, February 16, Wyoming House of Representatives Speaker Eric Barlow named the Libertarian Party an official minority party in the state legislature for the first time in state history.

The LNC announced that freshman Libertarian Representative Marshall Burt has been appointed to the Corporations Committee, a “distinguished honor rarely given to representatives in their first term.”… Read more ...

News & Notes: Multi-Partisan Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana in Wyoming, Horning Launches House Run

WYOMING WEED: A new multi-partisan bill in the Wyoming state house would “remove criminal penalties for possessing small amounts of cannabis, replacing the state’s current misdemeanor charge with a $100 fine.” The bill has been co-sponsored by Democratic and Republican leaders, as well as independent representative Jim Roscoe and Libertarian representative Marshall Burt (pictured above).… Read more ...

Maine Legislator John Andrews Switches Registration from Libertarian to Republican

Maine state representative John Andrews has switched his registration back to Republican. The change happened at the end of 2021, as he feared that a legal battle might have kept the Libertarian Party off the ballot in Maine.

“I was a Republican before and many of my principles are aligned with them,” Andrews told the Bangor Daily News while explaining his party switch.… Read more ...

Wyoming Congressional Candidate Bolts GOP to Seek Constitution Party Nomination

A lesser known Republican candidate in Wyoming’s wild GOP primary for the state’s lone U.S. House seat has decided to leave the party and instead seek the Constitution Party’s backing.

Marissa Selvig was previously the mayor of Pavillion, a town of about 200 people. Her long-shot bid for the GOP nomination put her in the mix of several well-funded challengers to incumbent Congresswoman Liz Cheney.… Read more ...

First Libertarian to Win a Legislative Election in 20 Years Takes Office Today

Marshall Burt is the first member of a state legislature to be elected as a Libertarian since 2000, and he will be sworn in to his new office on Tuesday, January 12th at 9am Mountain Time. Back in November he defeated a long-time incumbent in a 2-way race to represent Wyoming’s 39th district.… Read more ...

WATCH HERE: Free & Equal Election’s Open 2020 Presidential Debate (October 24)

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation held a debate yesterday in Cheyenne, Wyoming featuring third party and independent presidential candidates.  Video of the debate from the YouTube broadcast is embedded below.

The debate begins around the 9:17:00 mark:

Participants included:

Blankenship confirmed for the event but ultimately decided not to participate.… Read more ...

Free & Equal Elections: Third Open Presidential Debate Announced for October 24th

Free & Equal Elections Foundation sent out the following press release announcing a third presidential debate scheduled for October 24.  Several candidates have been invited including Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen who chose not to participate in the second Free & Equal debate last week.

Read more ...

Goode Campaigns in Wyoming and Nevada, Attends American Independent Party Convention in CA

Virgil Goode has been on a Western States tour for his presidential campaign. The nominee of the Constitution Party was in Wyoming a few days ago and called for deep cuts to the federal budget as a solution to the issues of over-taxation and the national debt.

Goode said he would also make reducing the deficit and balancing the federal budget his immediate priorities.

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Reason’s Coverage: The Libertarian Party Convention Has Begun

Garrett Quinn has written over at Reason about the beginning of the Libertarian Party National Convention. Hopefully there will be more coverage to come from Reason.

The national party leaves it up to the state parties to determine how they pick delegates for the national convention. Most  select their delegates at a state convention or caucus, effectively relegating the presidential primary to the status of an irrelevant beauty contest in some states.

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Wyoming: Country Party Submits Signatures, Constitution Party To Do the Same

Over at Ballot Access News, Richard Winger reports that the Country Party has filed their petition to be on the ballot. This is a party that is not putting forth any presidential candidate.

On December 6, the Country Party submitted 6,387 signatures to the Wyoming Secretary of State, on its petition to be a qualified party.

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