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Illinois Greens Endorse Chicago Teachers Union in Fight Over Distance Learning

The Illinois Green Party has released a statement stressing that the party “wholeheartedly supports the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) in its struggle with the Chicago Public Schools over in-person learning and school safety.”

Chicago students recently returned to class following a CTU walkout that flared tensions between the labor union and the city’s Democratic mayor.… Read more ...

Time Capsule: Conservatives Reject Chuck Percy, Back Libertarian in ’84 Illinois Senate Race

Rejecting Republican Sen. Charles H. Percy of Illinois as a “partisan Democrat in Republican’s clothing,’“ a group of nationally-recognized conservative leaders endorsed the Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate on this weekend in 1984.

Too often, they believed, Percy had voted with liberal Democrats.

Percy described the move as a ”pretty transparent” maneuver to insure his defeat so that Republican conservatives could install Senator Jesse Helms, an arch-conservative Republican of North Carolina, as chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee — a post held by Percy in the Republican-controlled Senate since 1981 when he succeeded Idaho’s Frank Church.… Read more ...

Former LNC Chair William Redpath Enters Race for U.S. Senate in Illinois

Former Libertarian National Committee chairman Bill Redpath is running for U.S. Senate in Illinois. He will be challenging the re-election bid of Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth, who is seeking to win a second term.

Redpath has long been a fixture in party leadership, serving in a variety of positions with both the LNC and the Libertarian Party of Virginia.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Summary of Executive Committee Meeting 6/22/16 – Ohio, Illinois, and Maine Ballot Access Issues

13177215_10154154527882726_5080032156295890667_nOn June 22, 2016, there was a Libertarian Party Executive Committee meeting to discuss the following issues:

  1. Increasing the Illinois encumbrance from $50,000 to $70,000.
  2. Authorizing the LNC to join as an amicus in the Ohio ballot access case.
  3. Potentially authorizing an encumbrance for Maine to support them getting voter registrations before the July 12 deadline.
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Libertarian Party: Summary of Executive Committee Meeting 6/15/16 on New York and Washington DC Ballot Access (additional states discussed)


New York

There was an error in the conference call program in which it did not connect this IPR editor to the call until after it was underway. I was able to connect at the time the below Motion was called as follows:

Move that $25,000 in LNC funds be encumbered to the Libertarian Party of New York to obtain ballot access.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Executive Committee Meeting 3/7/16: Ballot Access Encumbrance for Illinois

Libertarian PartyOn March 7, 2016, there was a Libertarian Party Executive Committee meeting on the subject of ballot access encumbrance for Illinois.

Lex Green Chair of the Libertarian Party of Illinois and Krysta Walker Ballot Access Director of the Libertarian Party of Illinois were in attendance.

This petition drive would start three weeks from tomorrow (March 29, 2016) and would last for thirteen weeks (technically ninety days).… Read more ...

‘Together Enhancing America’ Candidate Michael Hawkins Responds to Ballot Petition Challenge

In the statement of Cook County Green Party chairman Rob Sherman, where he provides his rationale for contesting the ballot access petitions of the Justice, Socialist, Constitution, and the Together Enhancing America parties, he writes the following about presidential candidate  Michael Hawkins of the Together Enhancing America Party:

He called me on the phone, Tuesday evening, to complain, bitterly, about my challenge to his papers.  

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Howie Hawkins, Others Respond to Rob Sherman On Illinois Ballot Access Challenges

In response to arguments made by Rob Sherman, the Cook County, Illinois Green Party Chair who has challenged other alternative parties seeking a place on the ballot, prominent New York Green and 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins has the following in Ballot Access News comments:

My appeal to Mr.

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Statement from the Illinois Ballot Access Petition Challenger

As Richard Winger reported July 2 on Ballot Access News, the presidential petitions in Illinois for the Justice, Socialist, and Constitution parties, as well as the “Together Enhancing America” petition for candidate Michael Hawkins, were all challenged as insufficient.

This is significant because in Illinois, parties or candidates that petition to appear on the presidential ballot will appear as long as their petitions are not challenged and found to be inadequate. … Read more ...

Local Democratic Party in Illinois Creates Third Party

The local Democratic Party in Illinois is creating a local third party in order to run another candidate against the Democratic candidate in their local State House District. This post at Ballot Access News explains the situation.

On March 13, the federal government charged Illinois Democratic State Representative Derrick Smith with bribery.

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Wrights Campaign Wants to Occupy Ballot Access

BURNET, Texas (May 18) – Although Lee Wrights failed to win the Libertarian nomination for president, he and his campaign staff remain committed to guaranteeing the Libertarian Party is on the ballot in as many states as possible. So they have launched another project, Occupy Ballot Access, to fulfill or surpass their campaign promise to spend 10 percent of all campaign donations on ballot access.… Read more ...