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Ken Armstrong: Looking Beyond the Convention Drama

2020 Libertarian vice presidential candidate Ken Armstrong sent the following message to Libertarian activists today to earn support for his campaign at the National Convention. 

To my fellow tireless liberty activists,

I address you now during a complicated and stressful time for our party. Much of our energy lately has been occupied by the controversy surrounding the Convention’s date and location.… Read more ...

Ken Armstrong Ends 2020 Presidential Bid to Seek VP Nomination

Former Coast Guard Officer Ken Armstrong withdrew from the race for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination Wednesday with the emergence of Congressman Justin Amash as a contender.  Armstrong has now launched a campaign for the vice presidential nomination.

Known for his booming voice on the campaign trail, Armstrong, who previously served as executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Hawaii, and as a member of the Honolulu County Neighborhood Board, took his libertarian message to various debates and party meetings. … Read more ...

Roseanne Barr Appears on Quarantined with Norm Macdonald & Discusses Coronavirus

Earlier this week, Roseanne Barr, comedienne, star of the popular sitcom Roseanne, and 2012 Green Party presidential candidate and presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party, appeared on the fifth episode of comedian Norm Macdonald’s critically acclaimed YouTube series Quarantined.

Full show embedded below:

Barr makes the following statements about the experience in her homestate of Hawaii during these times, and dabbles, perhaps for humorous effect, in conspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronavirus:

  • “99% of the Hawaiian people are sequestered and doing exactly what they were told to do.”
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Super Tuesday: American Samoa Democratic Presidential Caucus Results and Third Party Implications

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent from 2007 until last year, won the American Samoa Democratic Presidential Caucus on Super Tuesday.  He received 175 votes or 49.9 percent of the total, entitling him to four of the territory’s six delegates to the Democratic National Convention.  The remaining two delegates went to the second place finisher, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who earned 103 votes or 29.3… Read more ...

Jill Stein Wins Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Ties In Hawaii

Six conventions or caucuses were held in state Green Parties all over the United States on Saturday, May 19th, 2012. Jill Stein, the leading candidate for the Presidential nomination of the Green Party, won all of the contests except for Hawaii, Roseanne Barr’s homestate, where she tied with Barr.

Six state Green parties completed their presidential primaries on Saturday, and all six voted strongly for Dr.

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Tracy Ryan: Hawaii’s New Sex Trafficking Bill Over Reaches the Mark

by Tracy Ryan

[Hawaii state house bill] HB 240 that aimed at cracking down at “sex trafficking” may be the worst bill I have seen signed into law in the seventeen years I have been following the legislature.  It is an example of finding the scariest example of some activity and improperly generalizing it to create fear.… Read more ...

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News: IndependentVoting.org is ‘a pressure group working to limit choices on the general election ballot’

Reprinted in full, with permission, from Ballot Access News.

Government-printed ballots in the United States were first created in 1888, and almost from the start, opponents of new and minor political parties started manipulating the ballot access laws to keep certain parties off the ballot.  The first such instance was in Nevada, when the 1893 legislature increased the petition requirement for new parties and independent candidates to 10% of the last vote cast, in a vain attempt to keep the Peoples (Populist) Party off the ballot.… Read more ...

Half Million Votes for Green Senate Candidates

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch

The eleven Green Party candidates on the ballot this year for US Senate netted a combined half million votes. The 510,000 votes is the highest combined total for Green Party Senate candidates since 2000, when Medea Benjamin won 326,000 votes for US Senate in California and Vance Hansen picked up over 100,000 in Arizona.… Read more ...

Hawaii Candidate Filing Closes; Five Parties Will Have Nominees

Ballot Access News:

Filing for the Hawaii primaries closed on July 20. The Libertarian Party will have candidates for US Senate, US House 2nd district, and state house 5th district. The Green Party has a candidate for US Senate. The Free Energy Party has candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.… Read more ...

HI Green Party announces state convention in Honolulu, Sat 29 May

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The Maui Weekly reports:

The annual State Convention of the Green Party of Hawai‘i (GPHI) will be held on Saturday, May 29, in Honolulu at University Square, 2615 South King Street, Suite 106A, at 10 a.m.

The meeting will convene to elect state party officers, two delegates to the Green Party US (GPUS) annual meeting and choose members of National GP Standing Committees.

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TX, AR, AZ, HI Green Parties Need Your Help to Get on the Ballot

Posted at On The Wilder Side:

Green Party Quilt by Betty Wood

Several state Green Parties are collecting signatures to win ballot access for 2010 elections – and beyond! No matter where you are, there is some way to help fellow Greens win the recognition they need from their state governments.… Read more ...

Hawaii Independent Party Begins Petition Drive

Ballot Access News reports:

The Independent Party of Hawaii is launching a drive to qualify for the ballot in 2010. The party also appeared on the Hawaii ballot in 2008, and was the vehicle for getting Ralph Nader on the ballot that year. For more information, contact Shaun Stenshol, 808-283-6878, or nadermoore@yahoo.com.… Read more ...