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Thomas Knapp: Missouri Governor Mike Parson Tries to Stick It Where the Sun Don’t Shine

“Frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me,” Missouri congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver said in an 1899 speech: “I am from Missouri. You have got to show me.”

Note to Missouri governor Mike Parson: You’re getting this “Show-Me State” business all wrong.

Parson tried to charge Elad Gross, a  candidate for state attorney general,  $3,618 for documents Gross requested under the state’s Sunshine Law, claiming more than 90 hours of required “research and processing” at $40 per hour.… Read more ...

Libertarian Republic Article Slams Nick Sarwark for Tweet about Gun-Toting Missouri Couple

The Libertarian Republic published an article from Joshua Ferguson on Tuesday criticizing Libertarian National Committee chairman Nicholas Sarwark.  Sarwark has come under fire for his recent tweet accusing a Missouri couple of breaking the law for brandishing firearms as trespassing protestors descended on their property.

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Super Tuesday 2.0: Link to GP, LP, CP Missouri Primary Results

Click this link to see the results for the Green Party, Libertarian Party, and Constitution Party presidential primaries, all in one place.

Thank you to Krzysztof Lesiak for providing the link on the Open Thread.

With 100 percent of the vote in, Howie Hawkins defeats uncommitted 33.27% to 29.16% in the Green Party primary with 21.53% for Dario Hunter and 16.05% for David Rolde. … Read more ...

Chief Wana Dubie running for U.S. Senate in Missouri

WanaDubie Political activist Chief Wana Dubie, who ran for the Missouri state legislature as a Libertarian in 1994 and 2006 but whose 2008 gubernatorial bid was rejected by the party, announced Wednesday that he will run for U.S. Senate as an independent. According to The Salem News, he told a crowd of about 100, “It’s going to be Dubie versus Blunt in 2016.… Read more ...

News From Libertarian Candidates Across the Country

The IPR writers haven’t been able to keep up with all the news in the third-party/Independent world over the past month or so. In an effort to catch up on some of the activity and news of Libertarian candidates, this article will list many of the pieces I have found on Facebook and other sources.… Read more ...

Politico: Libertarians could spoil Senate races

Libertarian Senate candidates across the country are doing well enough to warrant a three page article by politico. The claim is that they are spoiling otherwise safe Republican seats and giving them to Democrats. The article goes over many of the different Libertarian candidates for office.

in Montana, Democratic Sen.

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Constitution Party Candidate Sue Beck on Missouri Freedom Radio Tonight

Below is an e-mail from Gary Odom:

TONIGHT, Tuesday, October 2nd, at 10 PM central time, Missouri Freedom Radio will be interviewing Constitution Party Candidate Sue Beck.

Sue Beck is running for the Missouri House of Representatives District 158. Sue finds herself in the unusual position of being the Constitution Party candidate but NOT being a “3rd party candidate” because she is in a TWO-way race. 
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Missouri Constitution Party’s Lt. Gov Candidate Cynthia Davis Receives Right to Life Endorsement

Cynthia Davis is a former Republican state legislator from Missouri, but this year she is a Constitution Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Yesterday she received the endorsement of the Missouri Right to Life Committee, which is the first endorsement from the state’s Right to Life committee of a Constitution Party candidate.… Read more ...

Cynthia Davis Says Things Are Getting Worse

The Lt. Governor candidate of the Constitution Party of Missouri is former Representative Cynthia Davis, who recently gave an interview to KTVO in Missouri.

After serving four terms in the House representing St. Charles County, the former lifelong Republican and Christian Bookstore owner said she is running for Lt. Governor because she said the state is need of accountability.

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Cynthia Davis Compares GOP and Democrats to Abusive Spouses

Cynthia Davis is the candidate for Lt. Governor of the Constitution Party of Missouri and a former Republican state legislator. She recently compared the Democratic and Republican parties to abusive spouses.

Davis said she left the GOP for the Constitution Party, which is “everything people thought the Republican Party was, but better.”

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Constitution Party Convention Wrap-Up: Vice Presidential Candidate and Officer Elections

The Vice Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party is, as expected, outgoing national chairman Jim Clymer. Clymer is a lawyer based out of Pennsylvania who has twice run as Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania and once ran for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. He has also run for some local elections in his county.… Read more ...

James Ogle edges ‘Uncommitted’ to win Missouri Libertarian Presidential Primary

Four parties held presidential primaries yesterday in Missouri, though only three fielded candidates: the Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians. James Ogle, an advocate for a parliamentary system based on ranked-choice voting, was the only Libertarian candidate on the ballot.  In the final tally, he received 508 votes or 52.7 percent.  The remaining 456 Libertarian voters chose “uncommitted”.… Read more ...