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Libertarian Party: Summary of Executive Committee Meeting 6/15/16 on New York and Washington DC Ballot Access (additional states discussed)


New York

There was an error in the conference call program in which it did not connect this IPR editor to the call until after it was underway. I was able to connect at the time the below Motion was called as follows:

Move that $25,000 in LNC funds be encumbered to the Libertarian Party of New York to obtain ballot access.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Rhode Island: Telephone Flash Mob to Stop Taxation of Medical Marijuana

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.27.35 AMFrom the Telephone Flash Mob organization page:

Members of the Rhode Island Medical Cannabis Community are supporting and promoting a massive call-in campaign to officials across the State of Rhode Island to firmly state that we will not tolerate the extreme, regressive taxation of a life-saving drug. In the spirit of civil disobedience and peaceful protest, we are asking Rhode Islanders to flood the switchboards of the Statehouse, House & Senate Leadership, as well as your local State Representatives and Senators.… Read more ...

State Green Parties unite against the pipelines

Green Party press release via Green Party Watch:

From Green Party US:

p no kxl green partyWASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party of the United States is calling for the defeat of proposed tar-sands pipelines when the U.S. Senate votes on the Keystone XL pipeline on Tuesday and opposes alternative plans, including “Energy East,” that would route Canadian oil into the U.S.… Read more ...

Independent Candidates Continue to Grow in Numbers in Rhode Island

The number of independent candidates running for various races in the state of Rhode Island has been increasing despite being a Democrat stronghold. Currently it is the only state to have an independent serving as governor, and the number of independent candidates have reached a record high of 37. Voter registration has been decreasing for the two major parties, and been increasing for independents.… Read more ...

Libertarians Get Involved in Texas’ Republican Primaries

Sheriff Richard Mack is the former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and was a Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona in 2006, recording almost 50,000 votes for 3.16%. Now, however, Mack is a Republican candidate in Texas’ 21st Congressional District, running to unseat incumbent Lamar Smith.

In the 14th District there is an open Republican primary to replace retiring incumbent Ron Paul.… Read more ...

Jill Stein Has Secured Nearly 75% of Allocated Delegates to Green Party National Convention

Jill Stein is one of several Green Party presidential candidates vying for the party’s nomination. The nomination is mostly determined by pre-allocated delegates awarded for winning primaries in various states. Of the 129 delegates that have thus far been allocated, Jill Stein has captrued 96.5 of them, giving her 74.8% of the total thus far.… Read more ...

Reason’s Coverage: The Libertarian Party Convention Has Begun

Garrett Quinn has written over at Reason about the beginning of the Libertarian Party National Convention. Hopefully there will be more coverage to come from Reason.

The national party leaves it up to the state parties to determine how they pick delegates for the national convention. Most  select their delegates at a state convention or caucus, effectively relegating the presidential primary to the status of an irrelevant beauty contest in some states.

Read more ...

Libertarian State Representative Dan Gordon Happy Being A “Caucus of One”

Dan Gordon was interviewed recently by Uncovered Politics and revealed that he is very happy being a “caucus of one” within the Rhode Island legislature.

State Representative Dan Gordon made the high profile switch from the Republican to the Libertarian Party in the Fall of 2011.  Since then he’s been a “caucus of one” in the State House, which has allowed him to speak and operate more freely than ever before.  

Read more ...

Lincoln Chafee Defends “Holiday Tree” Comments

Lincoln Chafee is the Independent Governor of Rhode Island and has been at the center of a controversy this past week because of the label he applied to that holiday tradition known as the “Christmas Tree”.

A beaming Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee calmly weathered a cross-country Christmas controversy yesterday, standing by his PC pronouncement that the 17-foot spruce in the State House rotunda is a “holiday tree” as outraged residents cried foul.

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Libertarian vision: Peace, Freedom and Rep. Gordon?

Ed Fitzpatrick in the Providence Journal:

The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island wants to grow. But if the tiny party is going to take state Rep. Daniel P. Gordon Jr. aboard, it better make room for his baggage.

In an e-mail, the Libertarian Party cited a report (on independentpoliticalreport.com) saying that Gordon, who was recently kicked out of the House Republican caucus, became a dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party on Sept.

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Root: The Strike – As Ayn Rand Predicted

As Ayn Rand Predicted, the Wealthy are Going on Strike Against Obama.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and creator of ROOTforAmerica.com

The U.S. economy is crumbling. Businesses are collapsing in record numbers. Jobs have disappeared. Tax revenues are down dramatically. Coincidence?

Everything happening today under Obama resembles the storyline of Ayn Rand’s famous book, Atlas Shrugged, one of the most popular books of all time, selling over 7 million copies.… Read more ...