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Kanye’s Out! (Or is He?)

Rapper Kanye West ended his Independent  2020 presidential campaign according to Steve Kramer, who was hired to coordinate ballot access efforts in Florida and South Carolina.  West announced his candidacy on July 4.  Most observers did not take the announcement seriously.  West later outlined his views in an interview with Forbes that seemed to suggest his run was real. … Read more ...

Libertarian Party National Committee: Executive Committee Meeting on Oklahoma Ballot Access 1/6/16


The Libertarian Party National Executive Committee met on January 6, 2016 to discuss of the re-authorization of spending on Oklahoma ballot access for the 2016 budget and any potential motions to authorize additional Oklahoma spending.

A Motion was approved to re-authorize the unspent encumbrances left for ballot access at the end of 2015.… Read more ...

Libertarian National Committee: Executive Session Tonight 1/6/16 on Oklahoma Ballot Access Budget

Libertarian_Party_of_Oklahoma_logoEmail notification sent through the LNC Votes Email list.

There will be an Executive Committee teleconference on Wednesday, January 6 on the subjects of the re-authorization of spending on Oklahoma ballot access for the 2016 budget and any potential motions to authorize additional Oklahoma spending.

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Time: 10:00 p.m.

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Oklahoma Petitioners Videotape Orders to Leave Public Spaces; Call For Prosecution of Illegal Removals

OK petitioner harassmentAn email from veteran professional petition circulator Andy Jacobs which was sent to members of the LNC, IPR and others earlier today contains a first-hand report and videos of harassment of petitioners in Oklahoma.

The first video is of Andy “getting illegally kicked out of a public arts festival at a community college in Oklahoma City for asking people to sign a petition to place the Libertarian Party on the ballot.”… Read more ...

Oklahoma’s Signature Drive Featured in Red Dirt Report

Andy Jacobs OK

Found in Red Dirt Report

SIGN HERE: Oklahoma’s Libertarians look to give voters another choice in ’16 election

Steve Long | September 11, 2015

EDMOND, Okla. — Ask anybody in the streets of Oklahoma their thoughts on the Oklahoma Libertarian Party and you are likely to get the response that they didn’t know there was a Libertarian Party in Oklahoma.… Read more ...

Libertarians and Greens announce joint petition drive in Oklahoma

Press Release from Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform:


– On Monday, June 15, the Oklahoma Libertarian and Greens parties will launch an unprecedented, joint petitioning campaign for the 2016 election ballot. Party leaders will hold a brief news conference with the media at 4 p.m.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson removed from Oklahoma ballot

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee for President has been removed from the ballot in the state of Oklahoma even after successfully getting on it through the efforts of Americans Elect.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Thursday (September 13) denied a temporary injunction the Americans Elect party sought to regain a ballot line for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate, James P.

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RJ Harris: Repeal Obamacare and Restore Liberty Using Jury Nullification

RJ Harris, an independent candidate for Oklahoma’s 4th congressional district, who had sought the 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nomination,  wrote the following about the recent Supreme Court decision on healthcare:

In the very near future you are going to be called to serve on a jury and asked by the government to convict and put in prison one of your fellow Americans for refusing to comply with the mandatory health insurance tax levied against all citizens for nothing more than being alive.

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RJ Harris: Why I hate political parties

This editorial was posted on RJ Harris’s official facebook page. He is currently running for Congress in Oklahoma.

Why I hate political parties: Leave the OKGOP to promote the heck out of the OKLP and its candidates. Run for LP Presidential nomination and do very well in the process. Endorse the LP nominee after losing to him, as promised, and then continue to do everything in my power to get him elected including contacting the local media to interview him.… Read more ...

RJ Harris Ends Campaign for LP Presidential Nomination

This was posted on RJ Harris’ facebook account tonight:

Dear Friends and Supporters:

With regret I must report that my campaign has not raised the funds necessary to wage a national campaign for president any longer. Initially it was my belief that we needed a back up candidate to Ron Paul in case he did not win the GOP nomination.… Read more ...

RJ Harris in Car Accident on way to Badnarik Constitution Class at Oklahoma Capitol

H/T D. Lou Shenoll in comments on a previous IPR post, Libertarian Presidential nomination candidate RJ Harris was involved in a car accident yesterday while on his way to a Constitution class at the Oklahoma Capitol taught by 2004 Libertarian presidential nominee Michael Badnarik.

Per RJ’s facebook wall (around noon today) “Got into a car accident on the way to Michael’s Constitution class at the state capital.

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RJ Harris: Ballot Access in Oklahoma, Adam Kokesh endorsement

Recent updates from RJ Harris, a candidate for the LP presidential nomination:

* RJ Harris Liberty Team collected nearly 400 signatures on an afternoon at a Oklahoma Sooner football game. RJ Harris and his team had a great time tailgating with fans of the #1 Ranked NCAA Football Team in the Nation.… Read more ...