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Marianne Williamson Announces She Will Not Run as a Third Party or Independent Presidential Candidate


In the video linked below, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, spiritual leader Marianne Williamson, who ran for Congress in 2014 as an Independent, tells Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that she will support whoever wins the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, even if it’s not herself.  Williamson says she will not run as an Independent or for the nomination of a third party.… Read more ...

George Galloway to run for against Tom Watson as an Independent

George Galloway, former member of parliament representing The Labour Party from 1987 to 2005 and the Respect Party from 2005 to 2015 has announced his intention to run in the West Bromwich East constituency against Labour Party Deputy Leader Tom Watson. Galloway plans to stand as a Pro-Brexit, Pro-Corbyn, Socialist, Populist candidate due to Watson’s stances on Brexit and alleged Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.… Read more ...

Ross Perot, Two-Time Presidential Candidate, Dies

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Henry Ross Perot, best known for running for president twice, passed away on July 9th after a battle with leukemia.

Perot’s initial campaign for president as centrist oriented Independent campaign gained nationwide support, even earning him a spot on the 1992 General Election Debates, the only time the US had 3 candidates for President on the debate stage.… Read more ...

Independent Political Report turns 11 today (and Paulie turns 47)

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On May 20th, 2008 Independent Political Report went online with its first post, which just outlined it’s goals while decrying its predecessor Third Party Watch. In the 11 Years since then many third party activist and politicians contribute to the site, got many spinoff and sister blogs including an unaffiliated website Alt-Right site that bears a name that’s the equivalent of a sequel anime, and even had a brief stint on BlogTalkRadio.… Read more ...

Interview with Richard Lamm, former Governor and 1996 Reform Party Primary Candidate

1. On July 9, 1996 you announced your campaign for the Reform Party’s presidential nomination. The next day Ross Perot announced that he would be running too. What was your reaction to his announcement?

I was surprised and offended. He had said to me directly that he was not going to run.… Read more ...

Michigan Live: Isolated in GOP, Congressman Justin Amash considers third-party presidential run

Malachi Barrett at

Justin Amash is reconsidering his place in a party he is at odds with, isolated from Republicans that have largely bent to the will of the president.

The Michigan Republican is gaining a national following as a Congressman who isn’t afraid to buck the Republican line, often going to toe to toe with the party’s biggest star, President Donald Trump.

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Jacob Hornberger Signals Intent to Seek Libertarian Presidential Nomination

Ballot Access News:

Jacob Hornberger, founder of the Future of Freedom Foundation, seems likely to seek the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination. He is visiting many, if not all, the Libertarian Party state conventions. He also sought the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2000. On the first ballot he placed third, with 120 votes.

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JR Myers: Where Are The Constitution Party 2020 POTUS Candidates?

Submitted to IPR by JR Myers

Now that we’re approaching mid-March 2019, one begins to wonder who the contenders for the Constitution Party presidential nomination might be? The CP is one of only five FEC recognized national political parties. According to Ballotpedia, as of March 11, 2019, there are 605 FEC registered POTUS candidates.Read more ...

Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO, coming to Purdue Thursday to talk presidential race

The Journal & Courier reports on an upcoming event at Purdue University, hosted by Perdue President Mitch Daniel:

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, will be at Purdue University Thursday to make what The Washington Post reported would be “a major policy address” leading up to the possibility that he might make an independent run for president.… Read more ...

Bruce Dixon on HR 1

House Democrats’ HR 1 – Faking the Funk on Voting Rights, Spreading Fear and Gunning For the Greens in 2020

It’s a new year, and Democrats running the House of Representatives under Nancy Pelosi, Jim Clyburn and Steny Hoyer need to rebrand themselves and prepare for the 2020 elections. So they’ve rolled out what they and their corporate media hacks are calling their flagship bill, HR 1, a 571 page monstrosity with dozens of empty promises they wouldn’t keep even if they could, along with a couple of serious threats against left dissenters in general and the Green Party in partucular that they just might.… Read more ...

Third Parties Can’t Win, Part 1

“Third-parties have no chance of winning!” -Way too many voters in Arkansas

Admittedly, this indubitably frustrating refrain echoes on the lips of thousands of Arkansas voters every election. Any time a third-party candidate asks for a vote, with a dreadful certainty, this rejoinder is ripped quickly from its sheath and enthusiastically deployed in parrying any thoughts of winning an election that may have been dancing in the minds of third-party candidates.… Read more ...

John Kasich Appears to Rule Out Running for President in Republican Primaries, May Run as Independent

Ballot Access News:

On December 19, Ohio Governor John Kasich said he couldn’t win the 2020 Republican nomination against President Trump, and therefore he would stay out of Republican primaries. He appears to still be open to running as an independent in 2020, however. See this story.

The news follows the announcement that

President Donald Trump’s political operation will subsume much of the Republican Party’s apparatus ahead of 2020’s presidential election, party sources tell CNN, merging his already up and running re-election campaign with the Republican National Committee.

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