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Posts tagged as “Delaware”

Thomas Knapp: John Carney and Delaware’s Law Enforcement Lobby Versus ‘The Children’

On May 24, Delaware governor John Carney vetoed a bill — passed by super-majorities of both houses of the state’s legislature — which would have legalized possession of small quantities of marijuana by people over 21.

Carney’s justification: “I do not believe that promoting or expanding the use of recreational marijuana is in the best interests of the state of Delaware, especially our young people.”… Read more ...

Three Parties Re-Qualify for Delaware Ballot

Richard Winger reports that the Green Party, Working Families Party, and Constitution Party have all re-qualified as parties in Delaware, due to meeting the requirement of having 600 registered voters.

During the month of May, volunteers and paid workers have been working hard in Delaware to increase the number of registered voters in the Green Party, the Constitution Party, and the Working Families Party.

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Libertarian Party of Delaware Applauds Ron Paul, Endorses Green Party Candidate

The Libertarian Party of Delaware recently had their state convention and passed a resolution praising Republican Presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, himself a former Libertarian Party candidate.

Resolution Recognizing the Achievements of Dr. Ron Paul

The Libertarian Party of Delaware wishes to recognize the achievements of Dr Ron Paul in promoting libertarian principles.

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Update on Candidates for the Green Party Presidential Nomination

Green Party Watch held a presidential poll with the following results:

1,792 votes cast, Jill Stein received 1,223 of them, or 68%. Roseanne Barr, who had just entered the race in the last week, picked up 526 votes, or 29%. There were 35 votes for Kent Mesplay, and 8 votes for Harley Mikkelson

GPW reports that Roseanne Barr is very active on Twitter, and had tweeted a challenge to Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to have both herself and Jill Stein on their programs.… Read more ...