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News & Notes: Florida Election Results, Pennsylvania LP Spotlight, WV Greens Seeking Candidates

WV MOUNTAIN PARTY: The Mountain Party (the WV affiliate of the Green Party) is recruiting qualified candidates to run for elected office across West Virginia. Many seats are up for election in 2022. While much of the conversation is focused on the legislature, they are paying special attention to local races such as Board of Education and Conservation District Supervisor.… Read more ...

Don Blankenship Lawsuit Goes to Trial

As Ballot Access News reports, Don Blankenship, the leading candidate for the Constitution Party’s 2020 presidential nomination, obtained a procedural victory in his defamation, false light invasion of privacy, and civil conspiracy lawsuit, which now goes to trial.  Blankenship is suing the National Republican Senatorial Committee, multiple media outlets, and individuals that incorrectly labeled him a “felon” during his unsuccessful 2018 run for the Republican Party’s U.S.… Read more ...

WV: Libertarian candidates running in city election

Charleston, WV:  “At least three Libertarian candidates plan to run for Charleston City Council in this year’s election,” the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported on February 17.

“Jerry Tucker (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and Anthony Woods (Website, Facebook, and   Twitter) will run for at-large seats and Chris Kessell will run to represent Ward 8, according to Luke Brumfield, chairman of the Libertarian Party of West Virginia.… Read more ...

Mayor of Charleston, WV leaves GOP, will vote for Gary Johnson

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that Danny Jones, the four-term Mayor of the West Virginia’s capital and largest city, has renounced his 45-year membership in the Republican Party and switched his voter registration to “unaffiliated.”

Jones also announced that he had previously decided to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee.… Read more ...

West Virginia Libertarians: John Buckley to run for Secretary of State, David Moran for Governor

From the LP.org blog:

John Buckley, who ran as a Libertarian for the US Senate in West Virginia in 2014, will run for Secretary of State this November.

Buckley, who was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1979 and served one term as a Republican, finished third out of five candidates in his 2014 race.Read more ...

New West Virginia Voter Registration Data Released

From Ballot Access News

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The West Virginia Secretary of State has released August 2013 registration data. All parties except the Democratic Party have increased their share of the registration since the November 2012 election, and the percentage of independents has also risen.

Read more ...

LP Blog: David Moran, WV Libertarian for Governor, running on bold plan to cut taxes and state spending

Posted by Staff at LP.org blog:

Libertarian David Moran is running for governor to revive the economy of West Virginia by completely eliminating both the state’s personal income tax and the Industrial Property Tax with commensurate cuts in state spending.

Big Government policies put in place by Democrats and Republicans have left West Virginia mired in poverty.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson at 17 Percent in West Virginia Poll; 6 and 9 Percent in Two Ohio Local Newspaper Web Polls

The My Daily Register (Point Pleasant, West Virginia) Poll is  HERE  (Gary Johnson at 17  percent at the time this post was written).

Also the My Daily Sentinel (Pomeroy, Ohio) Poll is HERE  (Gary Johnson at 6  percent at the time this post was written).

And the My Daily Tribune (Gallipolis, Ohio) Poll is HERE (Gary Johnson at 9 percent at the time this post was written).… Read more ...

Harry Bertram airs “voice for white America” TV ad

American Third Position Party candidate Harry Bertram, who got 0.35% of the vote for Governor of West Virginia in the recent special election, ran a controversial ad in the campaign’s closing days that proclaimed him to be the “voice for white American issues,” according to WTOV channel 9.

Excerpts from the news story:

“We’re against affirmative action and against illegal aliens coming into this country and they’re displacing white workers and eventually the white population,” said Bertram.

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West Virginia Secretary of State Web Page Has Election Returns

Ballot Access News:

The West Virginia Secretary of State’s web page carries the unofficial votes for Governor in the October 4 special election. Here is the link.

So far, the percentages are: Democratic 50.23%, Republican 46.40%, Mountain 1.90%, independent .97%, American Third Position .35%, write-ins .14%. UPDATE: at 11:15 pm, the newer percentages are Democratic 49.37%, Republican 47.17%, Mountain 2.01%, independent .94%, American Third Position .37%, write-in .14%.… Read more ...

Third Party, Independent and Write-In Candidates In Today’s West Virginia Special Election for Governor

Source:  ThirdPartyPolitics.us


Today West Virginia is holding a special gubernatorial election. Besides the Republican and Democratic candidates, there are two third party candidates, one independent candidate, and three write-ins. The third party candidates are the Mountain Party’s (West Virginia affiliate of the Green Party) Bob Henry Baber, former Mayor of Richwood, and Harry Bertram of the American Third Position Party.… Read more ...

Green Party Watch: Special WV Governor election today with Mountain Party candidate Baber

IPR note from Paulie: Independent Marla Ingles and America’s Third Position Party candidate Harry Bertram are also in the race. See Poli-Tea for some details on that.

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

West Virginia is holding a special election for governor today, October 4, and one of the candidates is the Mountain Party’s Bob Henry Baber.… Read more ...