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Report: Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Claims He Voted for Kanye West (If He Did, It Didn’t Count)

Watch 5 minutes of Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News and you would assume his devotion to former President Donald Trump extended to actually casting a vote for Trump’s re-election. However, several outlets including POLITICO are reporting that Carlson told multiple people that he did not vote for Trump in 2020 and instead cast his ballot for friend and entertainer Kanye West.… Read more ...

Former Florida State Senator Arrested in Scheme to Fund Bogus ‘No Party’ Candidate

Former Florida GOP state senator Frank Artiles has been arrested for his role in a scheme to fund a bogus NPA candidate that helped siphon votes away from the Democrat in a state senate race last year.

The contest featured incumbent Democrat Jose Rodriguez falling to his GOP challenger Ileana Garcia by a razor-thin 32 vote margin.… Read more ...

74% to 26%: Florida Libertarians reject Invictus, nominate Stanton for Senate in Aug. 30 primary

Paul Stanton has handily defeated controversial candidate Augustus Invictus for the Libertarian nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida; with preliminary results showing a margin of almost fifty points (73.6% to 26.4%).

 … Read more ...

An Interview with Darcy Richardson, Reform Party Presidential Candidate.

by Peter B. Gemma

I’ve interviewed several presidential candidates over the years, but Darcy Richardson is a tough subject. He is the envy of political writers, has a diverse background in electioneering, and Darcy’s involvement in and knowledge of key policy issues should intimidate any candidate who finds himself in the election arena with him.Read more ...

Florida Libertarian Convention Report

This reporter attended the Libertarian Party of Florida convention on Saturday in West Palm Beach.

LNC Executive Director Wes Benedict spoke early in the day, talking about the challenge of persuading people effectively. He offered a mild libertarian vision (cut military less than 50 percent, minor reductions in social security). The attendees responded with a standing ovation.… Read more ...

Chair and Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida Resign Effective Immediately

Libertarian-Party-of-Brevard-County-post-image-original-635394910123192000From an email dated September 30, 2015 from the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, Adrian Wyllie:


It has become clear that my attempt to defend the party from the violent Fascists is now perceived by many members to be more dangerous to the party than the threat itself.

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Augustus Invictus: Official Response to the Criticisms of Chairman Wyllie

ASIFrom Facebook:

Fellow Members of the Libertarian Party of Florida,

Many have asked why I have not responded to the quite public accusations of Adrian Wyllie. I have not responded for the same reason I do not respond when conspiracy theorists accuse me of being an agent of the Illuminati.… Read more ...

Democrat Robocalls For Ed Jany Set To Sabotage Lucas Overby Against David Jolly

Libertarian Lucas Overby

From The Global Dispatch:

The 13th Congressional District race in Florida is heating up in a bizarre fashion. David Jolly has been endorsed by both big Tampa Bay-Pinellas newspapers, in large part because he’s pro-gay marriage and anti-Paul Ryan’s budget. There is no Democrat in the race, but there is mixed support for Libertarian Lucas Overby who is described as some sort of “moderate” Libertarian seeking “incremental change” in Washington.… Read more ...

News From Libertarian Candidates Across the Country

The IPR writers haven’t been able to keep up with all the news in the third-party/Independent world over the past month or so. In an effort to catch up on some of the activity and news of Libertarian candidates, this article will list many of the pieces I have found on Facebook and other sources.… Read more ...

Florida: Overby Tops 30% in First Poll vs. Jolly

The race for US House of Representatives from Florida’s 13th District is a two-way affair: Incumbent Republican David Jolly, who beat Libertarian Lucas Overby and Democrat Alex Sink in a special election earlier this year, faces only Overby in the November vote.

In the first poll of their mutual prospects, commissioned by St, PetersBlog.comRead more ...

Libertarian Wyllie Officially Invited to Florida’s Biggest Gubernatorial Debate

adrian wyllie 2

Posted to examiner

Written by Brian Cole
Tampa Bay Libertarian Examiner

Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Adrian Wyllie scored a major victory on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 29, as he secured an official invitation to the state of Florida’s biggest gubernatorial debate. The event, hosted by Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association, and broadcast by WPBF 25 in West Palm Beach, Fla.,Read more ...