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LPMN welcomes new Executive Director

IMG_4052-e1470337548559August 7, 2016

valerie_lockhart_compThe Libertarian Party of Minnesota is pleased to announce that Valerie Lockhart has joined our leadership team as the new LPMN Executive Director.

She fills the role previously held by Kevin Bradley, who stepped down due to other commitments. Mr Bradley stated, “As Executive Director, I have worked with some amazingly dedicated people.… Read more ...

Minneapolis Green City Councilor Cam Gordon working to lessen impact of police racial profiling

As reported by the Daily Minnesotan, Cam Gordon, the Green City Councilor representing District 2 in Minneapolis, has introduced a bill to repeal “lurking” and “spitting” as arrestable crimes.  Gordon is also working to obtain data from the city’s police force on the racial dynamics of policing in Minneapolis.

The Ward 2 Councilman wants to stop arrests for lower-level offenses like lurking or spitting.

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Ventura Moves to Continue Lawsuit Against Widow of Slain “American Sniper”

Jesse Ventura, the former professional wrestler, who won election as Governor of Minnesota as a member of the Reform Party in 1998, is continuing his lawsuit against the widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, who was murdered earlier this year.

Today, attorneys for Ventura appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan, arguing for the lawsuit to continue.… Read more ...

Pro-Marijuana Grassroots Party Nominates Presidential Ticket and Achieves Ballot Access

Richard Winger reports at Ballot Access News that the pro-marijuana Grassroots Party is on the ballot in Minnesota and has nominated Jim Carlson for president and George McMahon for vice president.

Carlson is the owner of  Duluth’s “The Last Place on Earth”, which sells synthetic drugs, bongs, paraphernalia, and sex toys.  … Read more ...

Independence Party of Minnesota hopes to win five to six legislative seats

Mark Jenkins looks to state legislative races as “winnable objectives” for his party.
“The attitude has been favorable for many, many years,” Jenkins said of voters choosing third-party candidates.
Republicans and Democrats, through their narrow politics and squabbling, have created fertile soil for the IP, Jenkins explained.
“The opportunity has been good, and now it’s even better,” he said of the party of Jesse Ventura securing legislative wins.

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Horner and Penny Editorial: Americans Should Do “Big Things”

Tom Horner was the 2010 gubernatorial candidate of the Minnesota Independence Party, scoring 11.9% in that race. Tim Penny is a former Democratic Congressman and Independence Party candidate for Governor in 2002, when he received 16% of the vote. The two penned an editorial in the Star Tribune, a major newspaper in Minnesota, calling for Americans to demand that their politicians do “big things”.… Read more ...

Jill Stein Wins Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Ties In Hawaii

Six conventions or caucuses were held in state Green Parties all over the United States on Saturday, May 19th, 2012. Jill Stein, the leading candidate for the Presidential nomination of the Green Party, won all of the contests except for Hawaii, Roseanne Barr’s homestate, where she tied with Barr.

Six state Green parties completed their presidential primaries on Saturday, and all six voted strongly for Dr.

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In fundraising pitch, Jill Stein campaign updates supporters on progress toward receiving public funding

Today Jill Stein’s campaign, aimed at securing the Green Party’s nomination for president, sent out a fundraising email with the pitch of “Double Your Green.”  That is, if Stein raises $5,000 in donations of $250 or less from 20 or more states, the federal government will then match donations of that amount dollar-for-dollar. … Read more ...

Green Minneapolis City Councilor Cam Gordon to face off against fellow incumbent in next election due to redistricting

From the Minnesota Daily:

A redistricting map recently submitted to the Minneapolis Charter Commission is drawing concern from members of the Minnesota Green Party.

The Citizens Committee for Fair Redistricting, a group which represents immigrants from Somalia and East Africa, drew the map which would move Minneapolis city Councilman Cam Gordon — the only Green Party member on the Democratic-Farmer-Labor-dominated 13-member City Council — into ward 9 forcing him to face-off against fellow Councilman Gary Schiff in the 2013 elections…

Dave Bicking, a spokesman for the Green Party said he doesn’t question the committee’s motive for drawing the map but is concerned that the DFL is supporting the map in an attempt to remove Gordon, who represents the University of Minnesota area, from the Council…

Besides the Charter Commission, the map was also sent to several DFL members including DFL chairman Ken Martin.

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Jesse Ventura speaks at Occupy Minnesota

Minnesota Public Radio (excerpts):

Minneapolis — Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Minneapolis Friday for the opening of the OccupyMN demonstration, patterned after weeks of protest in New York’s financial district.


The protest featured an appearance by Independence Party and former Gov. Jesse Ventura, who spoke as people started to gather.… Read more ...

Independence Party of Minnesota: We Oppose the Proposed Minnesota Constitutional Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

by Mark Jenkins at independenceminnesota.org:

The Independence Party of Minnesota platform declares that “We support high standards of morality, family values and personal responsibility, but we oppose having the government impose state-sponsored morality or values on people of good conscience with differing views.” With this principle in mind, I ask members of the Independence Party, and all Minnesotans, to oppose and work to defeat an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that outlaws same sex marriage.… Read more ...

“DJ” Mikolay:”Former Senator Dean Barkley: Tea Partier Extraordinaire?”

DJ Mikolay, a founder of the New Jersey Reform Party, looks at a Minnesota maverick in this appreciation:

..almost all Tea Party activists are united in the demands for a smaller federal government, lower taxes, Congressional term limits, and a balanced budget. Indeed, these demands have come to characterize modern conservatism and several Republican contenders rode these platform planks to victory during the 2010-midterm elections.Read more ...