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3 thoughts on “About IPR

  1. David R. Jeffries

    “*intelligent* discussion theereof”?

    Uh oh, I think I’m in trouble.

  2. libertypoint

    News from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina


    RALEIGH — A Superior Court judge ruled May 27 that “there is no
    fundamental right for a voter to vote for the party of their choice” and
    threw out the state Libertarian Party’s challenge to North Carolina’s
    elections laws.

    Judge Robert Hobgood ruled in the lawsuit filed by the Libertarian and
    Green parties challenging the legality of the State’s elections laws
    under the North Carolina Constitution.

    “We’re deeply saddened by this ruling,” said Barbara Howe, LPNC chair.
    “Not only did the judge support the State’s power to take away our right
    to choose who represents us, he also upheld the State’s assertion that
    North Carolina voters are not smart enough to fill out a so-called long

    “This is a very sad day for representative government,” she said.

    The judge agreed with the State’s argument that the number of elected
    offices that may appear on the ballot in Presidential election years,
    along with the use of optical scanning equipment, can cause “voter

    “The more parties there are that are recognized by the State and that
    place candidates on the ballot, the greater the chance there is for
    ballots that are so long as to be unwieldy and to risk voter confusion
    and frustration of the electoral process,” Judge Hobgood wrote.

    “In effect, the State says North Carolina voters are not as smart as
    Iraqis, who had more than 100 parties to choose from in their
    elections,” Howe said .

    The party now has to decide whether it can afford to appeal this
    decision. “We are out of money, having spent nearly $140,000 already to
    get back on the ballot,” she said.

    “Whether we appeal or not, the Libertarian Party is not going away. We
    will continue to fight for our rights and the rights of all North
    Carolinians,” Howe concluded.

    NOTE: PDF of Judge’s order attached.


    PO Box 28141 Raleigh NC 27611 * 877.843.5762 * http://www.LPNC.org

    Contact: Brian Irving, Communications Director
    Cell: 910.987.5844 * Home: 919.467.0742

  3. LPiberty

    Looks like you would welcome a few more correspondents.

    If David is in trouble, then many of us are.

    Regardless of the NC ruling, the ticket will be on the ballot in Nov. yes?

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