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IPR is dedicated to covering America’s third parties and independent candidates, and providing a forum for the intelligent discussion thereof. IPR has been linked to by major news outlets including Politico, The Washington Post, Politics1, The American Spectator, Reason Magazine, The American Conservative, Hot Air, The Hill, Political Wire, Talking Points Memo, National Review, Memorandum, Outside the Beltway, and The Daily Caller.

IPR’s first post was made on May 20th, 2008. The website was founded by Jason Seagraves (known as G.E.). In the following ten years plus, over 19,000 posts have been published, and over 300,000 comments have been made by readers. IPR’s readership is steady, with tens of millions of pageviews and millions of unique views.


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Jill Pyeatt – jcpyeatt@hotmail.com, 626-375-0947, Facebook and Twitter

Joseph G. Buchman, PhD,

Joe has served as a Contributing Editor to Independent Political Report since 2011.  He is a retired professor of marketing and telecommunications having earned a PhD from the Media School at Indiana University (1989), an MBA in finance from Purdue (1983) and a BS in marketing from IU (1980).  He is an adventure traveler having crossed the Gobi, chased six total solar eclipses, and has driven more than 90 percent of the US Interstate Highway system in a 1998 Roadtrek RV.  Since 2010 he has been a burner, and currently serves on the design team for the Census (part of the Burning Nerds) for the annual Burning Man event.  He has also served as an assistant manager for the second largest venue at the Sundance Film Festival, as the manager of the largest venue for the Napa Valley Film Festival, and as a moderator for panel discussions at the Sonoma Film Festival.  In 2013 he served as the moderator for the National Press Club Citizen Hearing on ET/UFO Disclosure in Washington DC. He is currently chair of the Libertarian Party’s national audit committee, a past member of the New Hampshire Investigatory Committee, past chair (interim) of the national platform committee, the archivist of the David Nolan personal papers collection (which he arranged to be donated to the Library of Congress), a past candidate for the US House (2008, 2017), Utah state senate (2016), Utah house (2018), past Utah Libertarian Party secretary, and a past chair of the Utah LP.

435-602-0798, drbuchman@gmail.com, Facebook, Sundance YouTube video

Jed Zigglerjedziggler@gmail.com


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