McArdle Elected National Chair

Angela McArdle has been elected as the next National Chair of the Libertarian Party.

The votes were

Angela McArdle — 691

Steve Dasbach – 151

Tony D’Orazio – 103

Caryn Ann Harlos has been elected as National Secretary

Harlos – 694 Gain of 3 from McArdle
Wilford – 239 Loss of 15 from Dasbach and D’Orazio

Todd Hagopian has been elected as National Treasurer

Hagopian – 731 Gain of 40 from McArdle
Hagan – 206 Loss of 48 from Dasbach + D’Orazio

Joshua Smith has been elected National Vice Chair. … Read more ...

Ebke, Bughman Resign from LNC

Laura Ebke writes to the LNC:

Madame Chair and Colleagues,

Although my term would come to a close shortly, anyway, please consider this my immediate resignation.

I am embarrassed. Watching the livestream has been bad enough. Watching a former Congressman giving the keynote address while 6 people wander around behind him is an embarrassment.… Read more ...

Mises Caucus Floor Strategy

To its great credit, the Mises Caucus has shown up at the national convention with a detailed floor plan, what they plan to do on the convention floor.  It includes discussions of parliamentary action, how to handle various odd outcomes, and eliminating the abortion plank.  However, it is 70 pages long and well done, so one might wonder who actually generated it.… Read more ...

Don Grundmann Pens Letter to Russia

Dr. Don Grundmann, chairman of the Constitution Party of California, wrote the following letter, addressed to the Washington Russian Ambassador and the San Francisco Consul General of Russia.  He titles it “An apology and a pledge from an American.”

Sirs :

I am Don J. Grundmann, D.C. and I write to you now as an American citizen to express my shame in my government for waging a proxy war against your nation via its war criminal sock-puppet of NATO.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party National Convention

The Libertarian Party National Convention happens a few days from now.  This thread is for factual comments on events, including liveblogging. Other comments will not pass through approval.

Similar threads will be created for the Green Party, Constitution Party, and Democratic Socialists of America, if we can find out when their national convention — however titled — is occurring.… Read more ...

LNC Has Financial Difficulties

Readers aware of the recent Libertarian National Committee decision to attempt to borrow against its assets may wonder what the financial issues are. Why does the LNC need the money? The LNC Financial report for May, covering through the end of April, makes matters clear. The LNC faces serious financial difficulties.… Read more ...

Thomas Knapp: Think Words Aren’t Magic? Think Again

“Word choices by politicians and activists matter,” writes Matt Yglesias. “[S]wing voters tend to self-identify as moderate, and as a result, people who want to win should try to portray their ideas as moderate, common-sense reforms rather than sweeping vehicles for change. At the same time, words are not magic.”… Read more ...

Possible Interesting Events at the LP NatCon

Readers interested in Libertarian politics may find of interest the forthcoming Libertarian National Convention. You may safely assume that there will be multiple credentials fights since for starters there are competing delegations from Massachusetts and from Delaware.

Early on there will be two breakfast speakers covered by the same breakfast ticket in two different rooms.… Read more ...

WATCH: The First Libertarian Martyr

Check out this very interesting new documentary short, narrated by legendary “Libertarian Tax Rebel” Karl Jack Bray.

This film was put together by IPR’s own Joseph Buchman and features audio from a tape recording made in June of 1977, less than a year before Bray passed away.… Read more ...

Thomas Knapp: Crime Begets Crime, ICE Edition

On May 10, Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy & Technology released a report — “American Dragnet: Data-Driven Deportation in the 21st Century” —  which you should find disturbing but shouldn’t find surprising.

The part you should find disturbing: “ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]  has created a surveillance infrastructure that enables it to pull detailed dossiers on nearly anyone, seemingly at any time.… Read more ...

Augustus Sol Invictus Found Not Guilty

Last month, former Orange County (Florida) Libertarian Party chairman and attorney Augustus Sol Invictus, a widely-covered and controversial candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 U.S. Senate nomination in Florida, was found not guilty in a criminal trial for domestic violence.  A South Carolina jury came to the verdict after less than 30 minutes of deliberation. … Read more ...

LP Delegates Begin Receiving Pre-Convention Mailers

In a recent IPR article, the validity of the upcoming Libertarian Party National Convention was questioned, in part, because of apparent delays and unique processes for sharing, prior to the convention, 2022 LP convention delegate contact information with potential LNC candidates, various caucuses, and others.  (NOTE: LP Bylaws allow only the sharing of delegate names and postal addresses; phone numbers, emails, social media, etc.… Read more ...