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Independent Political Report

Justice Party Announces Series of Organizing Meetings

The Justice Party recently announced a series of upcoming Zoom meetings focused on organizing grassroots members. Established in 2011 by citizen activists frustrated with the duopoly, the Justice Party focuses on social, economic, and environmental justice while restricting the influence of corporations in politics.… Read more ...

Orthodox Libertarians on the Move

Notwithstanding the recent Mises Caucus takeover of the LNC, orthodox Libertarians across America are advancing.

In New Hampshire, orthodox Libertarians are running candidates for U.S. Senate (Kevin Kahn), Governor (Kelly Halldorson), and lower offices.

In Pennsylvania, orthodox Libertarians blocked from their state party have reformed as the Pennsylvania Keystone Party, and are running candidates for statewide office.… Read more ...

LNC Calls for the Removal of Troops from Yemen

The Libertarian National Committee called on party activists today to lobby Congress in support of a bipartisan bill seeking to remove troops from the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

In a press release from this morning, the Libertarian National Committee denounced the “United States war machine” and called for an end to what they view as the “most brutal and horrifying war in recent history.”… Read more ...