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The LNC Draft Idaho Resolution


Note that this is a draft. The LNC might be interested in suggestions for improvements.

Whereas, The Libertarian National Committee has found no convincing evidence that the regularly scheduled annual convention of the Libertarian Party of Idaho (LPID) which took place on April 2, 2022 was invalid;

Whereas, The delegates at the April 2, 2022 LPID annual convention interpreted their own Bylaws and recognized the convention and its business as valid;

Whereas, Idaho state party leadership elections were conducted at the April 2, 2022 LPID annual convention; and

Whereas, The Judicial Committee of the LPID determined that “The convention held on April 2, 2022 was a legitimate, valid, and effective Convention of the Libertarian Party of Idaho,” and that the officers and their successors, including Jayson Sorensen as the interim Chair, are the legitimate officers of the LPID;

Resolved, That the Libertarian National Committee recognizes the leadership elected at the April 2, 2022 Libertarian Party of Idaho annual convention and their successors in the ordinary course of business as the legitimate representatives of the recognized Idaho affiliate, including interim Chair Jayson Sorensen who was elected pursuant to the Bylaws of the Libertarian Party of Idaho.Read more ...

Michael Badnarik, Former Libertarian Presidential Nominee, Dies at 68

Michael Badnarik, the 2004 presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party, passed away shortly after celebrating his 68th birthday at his San Antonio home.

In a post on his official website before his death, Badnarik discussed his vibrant life and displayed an awareness of his inevitable passing.Read more ...