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Jill Stein Raises More Money Post-Election for Recounts than Pre-Election for Campaign

Green Party nominee Jill Stein has been engaged in a post-election fundraising drive in order to pay for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. She does not dispute her own vote totals in those states, but is basing her claim on alleged irregularities, the possibility that voting machines were hacked, and how “unexpected” the results were.… Read more ...

An Interview with Darcy Richardson, Reform Party Presidential Candidate.

by Peter B. Gemma

I’ve interviewed several presidential candidates over the years, but Darcy Richardson is a tough subject. He is the envy of political writers, has a diverse background in electioneering, and Darcy’s involvement in and knowledge of key policy issues should intimidate any candidate who finds himself in the election arena with him.Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Summary of Executive Committee Meeting 6/15/16 on New York and Washington DC Ballot Access (additional states discussed)


New York

There was an error in the conference call program in which it did not connect this IPR editor to the call until after it was underway. I was able to connect at the time the below Motion was called as follows:

Move that $25,000 in LNC funds be encumbered to the Libertarian Party of New York to obtain ballot access.… Read more ...

Libertarian Youth Caucus: Pennsylvania Ballot Access, How Can You Help?

Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Executive Committee Meeting 3/30/16 to Revisit Pennsylvania Ballot Access

lppa_logoFrom the LNC Votes mirror list:

There will be an Executive Committee teleconference on Wednesday, March 30, to revisit the subject of Pennsylvania ballot access.

Date: Wednesday, March 30
Time: 9:30 p.m. Eastern / 6:30 p.m. Pacific

Dial-in: (217) 258-5588
Guest Pin Code: 207730

1. At conference time, dial the Conference Dial-In number above.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party National Committee: Executive Committee Meeting on Ballot Access for Pennsylvania

lppa_logoOn March 23, 2016, there was a Libertarian Party National Committee meeting to discuss the issue of encumbering funds for Pennsylvania ballot access.

The Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Shawn House was present for this meeting.

Bill Redpath made a motion to encumber $62,000 for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA) petition drive.… Read more ...

Philadelphia Inquirer backs judge’s ruling on Pennsylvania ballot law

ballotaccessIn an editorial this morning The Philadelphia Inquirer writes that “fortunately, the federal courts have finally taken aim at one egregious aspect of the two-party stranglehold in Pennsylvania: the absurd procedural and monetary barriers preventing third-party candidates from even appearing on the ballot. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Stengel ruled last week that by requiring minor-party candidates to collect far more signatures than Democrats and Republicans, and to defend them in court at often prohibitive costs, Pennsylvania’s election laws violate the First Amendment right to free association.”

The Inquirer says Pennsylvania “is the only state where the signatures must be verified by judges,” which “has allowed the major parties to mount costly legal challenges to any candidate who dares challenge their duopoly.” In 2014, Pennsylvania “was one of only four states with no third-party candidates on the statewide ballot.” The newspaper says that rather than challenging the ruling, the administration of Democratic Gov.… Read more ...

Federal judge: Pennsylvania ballot access law unfair to alternative parties

o-PENNSYLVANIA-VOTING-MACHINEThe Philadelphia Inquirer reports US District Court Judge Lawrence Stengel ruled Friday “that Pennsylvania unfairly treats its third-party political candidates, likely clearing the way for their return to the ballot after nearly disappearing during the last few election cycles.”

In his opinion, Stengel “wrote that the ‘ability of minor parties to organize and voice their views has been decimated’ by portions of the state’s election code,” specifically taking issue with the rule “that third-party candidates often must gather 10 times the number of signatures required of Republicans or Democrats — and then pay costly legal fees if their petitions are challenged — as they almost always are.”

However, the ruling “did not go as far” as the plaintiffs — “the left-leaning Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the conservative-leaning Constitution Party” — wanted, since Stengel ruled that the election law “is constitutional, just not in the way it’s been applied to the minor parties.”

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2012 Green VP Candidate Arrested Protesting Philadelphia School Budget Cuts


Photo Credit: Harvey Finkle

Earlier this month, during a protest against school budget cuts Philadelphia police arrested Cheri Honkala, the Green Party’s 2012 Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate and National Coordinator of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.  Honkala’s son attended the Moffett Elementary School, a Philadelphia elementary school that is scheduled to be closed, and was joined by a group of parents, students, and school district staff. … Read more ...

Prohibition Party Now to Receive Full Pennock Trust Income

According to the National Prohibitionist, the entirety of the George L. Pennock Trust has been restored to the Prohibition Party after half was withheld due to a 2007 settlement with longtime chairman and five-time presidential nominee Earl Dodge.  Dodge died in late 2007, but the PNC Bank of Pittsburgh continued to give half of the trust to his defunct organization — until now.… Read more ...

LP PA State Chair Steve Scheetz Submits Election Wrap-up

This was sent to me for publication here by Mr. Scheetz, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

Libertarians in Pennsylvania have had success here in 2013 .. . In York, the incumbent had to spend $50,000 in a last ditch effort to save her job against David Moser who, together with Manuel Gomez spent less than $200 on their entire campaign!… Read more ...

LPPA Issues Formal Condemnation of Thomas Robert Stevens JD

This was found on the Facebook page for Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania – LPPA
Some history of Dr. Tom Stevens and the LPPA can be found here and here .

The current chairman of the LPPA, Steve Scheetz, had this to say as he posted the attachment to Facebook:

It is my belief, with this statement, that the LPPA can move forward, allowing Tom Stevens to do and say whatever he wishes, as a non-associate of the LPPA.… Read more ...