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Posts tagged as “New Hampshire”

Controversial Libertarian Nominee for Governor of NH Advocates Cameras in the Classroom to Fight ‘Wokeness’

Over the weekend the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire nominated controversial “organizational psychologist turned unwoke activist” Karlyn Borysenko for governor.

Borysenko quickly announced that, if elected, her first act as governor will involve putting cameras in all public school classrooms.

“I will sign an executive order mandating every school receiving government funding put a camera in every classroom to broadcast what teachers are teaching to parents of those students.… Read more ...

News & Notes: Mountain Party Blasts Abortion Bill, Controversial Libertarian Joins NH Senate Race

MOUNTAIN PARTY BLASTS ABORTION BILL: The West Virginia Mountain Party has put out a release condemning an anti-abortion resolution introduced in the State Senate by Democratic Minority Leader Stephen Baldwin and Republican Senators Patricia Rucker and Randy Smith.

“This resolution is a slap in the face to the women, transgender men, and others whose reproductive freedoms were guaranteed in Roe v.… Read more ...

News & Notes: Amash Keynotes LPNH Convention, Indiana Greens Back Better Ballot

An Idaho state representative who helped steer the state into ditching the lucrative Powerball lottery because of (unfounded) fears that it would lead to gun restrictions recently took a shot at the Libertarian Party’s platform as part of an attempt to proclaim his conservative bona fidesRead more ...

Brendan Kelly, Former NH Libertarian Chairman and Elected Official, Has Passed Away

Brendan Kelly, a former chairman of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party and a 2012 congressional candidate, has passed away at the age of 80 following a 5 year battle with cancer.

Kelly was an elected Selectman in the town of Seabrook for six years and mounted three unsuccessful bids for a seat in the New Hampshire state house between 2008 and 2011.… Read more ...