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Nicholas Sarwark: Why Am I In Alabama?

Why am I in Alabama?

I’m in Alabama because 52 of the 105 races for state representative in 2018 went completely unopposed after the primary elections. Half of the legislature faced no political competition outside of their own party.

Competition makes things better. It’s true for cars, computers, and consumer goods.… Read more ...

Judge Roy Moore Wins Republican Nomination for Chief Justice of Alabama

Judge Roy Moore, as he is still known, hasn’t been a judge since 2003 when he was removed from his position by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. He is nevertheless known throughout the United States as the “10 Commandments Judge”. Moore ran for the Republican nomination for Governor of Alabama in 2006 and lost by a two-to-one margin.… Read more ...

Michael Peroutka Funds Roy Moore’s Run for Office

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has, for several years now, been linked with the Constitution Party. Every presidential election cycle he is rumored to be flirting with the Constitution Party and he has maintained links with certain high profile members and former members of the Constitution Party for years. Now he has thrown his hat into the ring for Chief Justice, running for his old job as a Republican.… Read more ...

Birmingham News Editorializes in Favor of Alabama Ballot Access Bill

Ballot Access News:

The March 12 Birmingham News has this editorial, strongly endorsing SB 17, the bill that lowers the number of signatures needed for minor parties and independent candidates to get on the ballot. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the link.

IPR note: See

Alabama Ballot Access Bill Has Hearing Today

Alabama Ballot Access Bill IntroducedRead more ...

Alabama Ballot Access Bill Has Hearing Today

Ballot Access News:

The Alabama Senate Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics & Elections Committee will hear SB 17 on March 8, Tuesday. This is the bill by Senator Cam Ward to lower the number of signatures for independent candidates (for office other than President) from 3% of the last gubernatorial vote, to 1.5%.… Read more ...

Alabama Ballot Access Bill Introduced

Ballot Access News:

Senator Cam Ward (R-Alabaster) has introduced SB 17. It lowers the number of signatures for statewide independent candidates from 3% of the last gubernatorial vote, to 1.5% of the last gubernatorial vote. It makes no change to the procedures for new or previously unqualified parties. Also, it has no effect on the independent presidential candidate petition, which is already substantially easier than the procedures for independent candidates for other office.

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Prohibition Party convention speakers: George Wallace Jr., Richard Winger, Steve Gordon, Eunie Smith, Joe Godfrey

H/T Don Lake in IPR comments:

2011 Prohibition Party Convention

Monday, June 20 through Wednesday June 22, 2011 – Cullman, Alabama


George Wallace, Jr.
Richard Winger
Steve Gordon
Eunie Smith
Joe Godfrey

Holiday Inn Express
2052 Hayes Drive NW
Cullman, AL 35058
(256) 736-1906

*Be sure to tell the reservation clerk you are with the
Prohibition Convention.*… Read more ...

Highest number of states with a ballot-qualified party besides Democrats and Republicans since 1918

Ballot Access News:

In the aftermath of the November 2010 election, 35 states plus the District of Columbia have at least one ballot-qualified party other than the Democratic and Republican Parties. This is the highest such number, immediately after a midterm election, for any election since 1918.

The 15 states without a ballot-qualified party (statewide), other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, are: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.… Read more ...

Constitution Party 2010 Election Highlights

by Gary Odom
National Field Director
at constitutionparty.com

2010 Election
Brings Victories and Near Misses; Highlights
Progress And Reveals Challenges As The
Constitution Party Looks To The Future
Congratulations To Nevada…Again! 
In 2006, the Independent American Party, the Constitution Party’s state affiliate in Nevada elected two of its candidates to office.  This year it doubled up and elected four:three who were elected for the first time and one who who re-elected.
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More states elected independents to state legislatures this year than in any previous year in at least sixty years

Ballot Access News reports:

Thanks very much to Morgan Daybell for helping me find instances at which independent legislators were elected or re-elected last week. It appears that independents were elected to state legislators in 2010 in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Vermont. We are still waiting to see if one was elected in Colorado.

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George Wallace, Jr. to speak at Prohibition Party Convention

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Dear Sir/Mam
I would like to announce that George Wallace, Jr. will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Prohibition National Convention to be held June 21-23 in Cullman, Alabama. Please visit the party website at www.ProhibitionParty.org for complete convention details.
God Bless,
Toby Davis, Chairman
Prohibition National Committee… Read more ...

Alabama Constitution Party Likely on Ballot in One U.S. House District

Ballot Access News:

The Alabama Constitution Party submitted approximately 10,000 signatures so that it could be on the ballot in the First District for U.S. House. The petition is very likely to be validated, because the number of signatures submitted is almost twice the requirement. The party will nominate David Walter for Congress in the First District.… Read more ...