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Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) Condemns Cuban Government for Arresting Libertarian Activists

Las Vegas, Nevada (10 February 2017) – The Libertarian Party of Nevada condemns the Cuban government’s arrest of two libertarian activists and calls for their immediate release. Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez and Manuel Velasquez Visea were arrested 2 February 2017 by plainclothes secret policemen. Both activists are still detained on trumped up charges.… Read more ...

Libertarian National Committee Motion: Censure Assemblyman John Moore and Ask for Return of Campaign Contribution

11178074_427322150773706_3835511002810801448_nFrom the LNC Business Discussion List here.

We have an electronic mail ballot.

Votes are due to the LNC-Business list by October 31, 2016 at 11:59:59pm Pacific time.

Co-Sponsors: Harlos, Demarest, Hayes, Vohra, Starchild, Goldstein, Redpath


Whereas Nevada Assemblyman John Moore, a former Republican who in January 2016 switched to the Libertarian Party while in office, has during the past month voted not once but twice in the span of as many days to raise taxes on his constituents, including a vote to support a “More Cops” tax which the Libertarian Party of Nevada has tirelessly and thus far successfully opposed, and a vote to provide a $750 million subsidy to finance a billionaire-owned sports stadium at the expense of, among others, indigent persons renting weekly rooms in motels; and

Whereas the elected leaders of our state affiliate party in Nevada have rightfully voted to censure Assemblyman Moore for these egregious votes; and

Whereas we wish to convey a strong message to all and sundry that while we welcome sitting legislators in the Republican or Democrat parties who decide to switch to the Libertarian Party as an act of conscience, we do not welcome them if they intend, as members of our party, to continue voting and acting like Republicans or Democrats;

Therefore be it resolved that the Libertarian National Committee hereby censures Assemblyman Moore for his recent votes in support of tax increases, requests that he return the $10,000 campaign contribution which the LNC this season voted to send him, and admonishes him to henceforward be a better champion of the values held by members of the political party with which he has chosen to affiliate if he intends to remain a Libertarian.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Nevada Censures Assemblyman John Moore

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-12-09-16-pmLas Vegas, Nevada (17 October 2016) – The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada unanimously censured Libertarian Assemblyman John Moore last Friday for his support of two tax increases on Nevada citizens in the past week. His betrayal of principles with an unscrupulous YES vote on the $2 billion taxpayer-funded Raiders stadium hurt the already-exploited taxpayers of Nevada, damaged the credibility of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, and shattered the confidence of tens of thousands in their Assemblyman.… Read more ...

Instructions on Writing Letters To Judge Before Jim Duensing’s Sentencing


This information was provided to me by Beth Duensing, mother of Jim Duensing. Jim was found guilty November 8 of three crimes associated with an incident 5 years ago where Jim was shot by a policeman. Background can be found here . This letter from Ray and Beth Duensing provides some instructions as to how Jim’s friends and fellow activists can correspond with the judge who will be present at Jim’s sentencing.Read more ...

Libertarian Attorney Jim Duensing Found Guilty on all Charges

DuensingNovember 12, 2014



Failed Clark County District Attorney candidate Raymond James “Jim” Duensing was convicted Monday on three felony charges stemming from a roadside confrontation with Las Vegas police.

After a more than weeklong trial, a jury convicted Duensing on charges of resisting a police officer, carrying a concealed weapon, and unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with a traffic stop on Oct.… Read more ...

Libertarian shot 3X by cops; running for DA in 2 candidate race


(Photo of Jim Duensing by Debra Dedmon).

Jim Duensing, former LP Nevada State Chair, former LSLA chair, and former candidate for the 2012 Libertarian Presidential nomination

(see prior IPR coverage HERE)

has filed as one of two candidates for Clark County Nevada District Attorney.

As recorded on the Clark County Nevada election website, Libertarian Duensing is the only alternative to the current Democratic incumbent, DA Steven Wolfson.… Read more ...

David Colborne: Cattlemen and Libertarians


I found part 4 of this series on Facebook, and asked Mr. Colborne for his permission to post it. The series was posted to his blog, Retroactive Ramblings. David Colborne is a Libertarian activist in Reno, Nevada, and visits us at IPR sometimes.

If you haven’t read the Cattlemen and Libertarians series, start here:

Cattlemen and Libertarians
Cattlemen and Libertarians – Part 2 .… Read more ...

Reason: Challenge to Barring Medical Marijuana Licensees from Buying Guns Loses in Federal Court

gun and marijuana

Posted to Reason
By Brian Doherty
March 18, 2014

Long-awaited and alas bad news from the case of   Wilson v_ Holder et al Justia Dockets & Filings , which I reported on all the way back in December 2011 .

Rowan Wilson, then a Nevada-based medical technician in residential care homes, was not able to buy a gun from a licensed dealer who was personally acquainted with her and knew she had a state medical marijuana patient card.… Read more ...

Cody Quirk: Reflections on the Growth and Virtues of the National IAP

Cody quirk

This was sent to me by the author for posting here on IPR. It was originally posted at Hammer of Truth .

by Cody Quirk

As of a few weeks ago, the Utah affiliate of the National Independent American Party has finally got on the ballot — joining the other state affiliates in New Mexico, Arizona, and Oregon, on their respective state ballots, and are now looking forward to fielding sincere and principled candidates for the 2014 elections this year.… Read more ...

David Colborne: In Remembrance of James “Libertarian” Burns

James Libertarian Burns Posted to David Colborne’s blog, Retroactive Ramblings

James Libertarian Burns was active with the Libertarian Party of Nevada from as early as 1973. The LP was so small then that the Libertarian Party wasn’t allowed on the Nevada ballot. So, Mr. Burns legally changed his middle name to “Libertarian” and ran as a Republican–hence, the word “Libertarian” appeared on the ballot.Read more ...

David VanDerBeek of IAP included in Article About Potential Nevada Candidates for Governor


Democrat gubernatorial candidate Chris Hyepock, right, talks at Barefoot Bob’s Beach Bar during a State of the Union watch party at the bar at 1590 E. Flamingo Road Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014. Seated, from left, are Jerry Cohen, Jerry Tatum, Neil Gilfillan and Judith Dolan. The watch party was hosted by Las Vegas Democrats Meetup group.… Read more ...