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Buddy Roemer Has Died

Former Congressman and Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer, who sought the 2012 presidential nominations of Americans Elect and the Reform Party died today at the age of 77.  The cause of death has not yet been disclosed but Roemer had been in declining health in recent years, suffering a stroke in 2015.… Read more ...

Press Release: Libertarian Party of Louisiana Holds 2016 State Convention and Presidential Forum

LPL SCC Group Photo(Monday, April 18, 2016) The Libertarian Party of Louisiana (LPL) held its state convention last weekend on Saturday, April 16th and Sunday, April 17th.

Elections were held for State Central Committee offices, Presidential Electors, and national convention delegates. There were over 70 Libertarians in attendance with 69 voting members. Baton Rouge attorney Rufus Craig was elected as the new State Central Committee chairman.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Louisiana and Wisconsin Straw Poll Results (Edited)

12993433_10157483380085377_370086040460466711_nThis weekend, Louisiana and Wisconsin had their conventions, and this IPR editor was given their straw poll results as follows in the candidate order that they were reported to me (I added first names to the LA results):

0- Austin Petersen
9- Gary Johnson
2- John McAfee
28- Darryl Perry
9- Jack Robinson
1- Rhett Smith
0- Thomas Clements

6- Gary Johnson
3- Undecided
2- John McAfee
1- Darryl Perry
1- Austin Petersen

4/18/16 Update: Andy Craig from Wisconsin provided the following clarification: The State Party did not conduct an official straw poll.… Read more ...

Jennifer Werther Announces for Louisiana St. Tammany Parish Sheriff

22597_393014450900150_5708673867621168948_nFrom Jennifer Werther’s Facebook Announcement:

It is official! I qualified with the Clerk of Court today. Vote for Jennifer “Hap” Werther, the Libertarian candidate for St Tammany Sheriff!!! www.werther4sheriff.com Remember, I am endorsed by national celebrity Sheriff Mack over Republican candidates (see more at http://cspoa.org/ ) to be a Constitutional Sheriff and influence a Peace Officer culture that understands citizens’ rights.

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Ron Paul Delegate Who Made National News Changes Parties and Runs For Congress As A Libertarian

Found on Facebook

Herford for Congress Campaign Explosion 72 hour Moneybomb

August 23 at 12:05am until August 26 at 12:05am in CDT

Many of you remember Liberty activist and Ron Paul supporter Henry Herford from the La Republican State Convention when he was manhandled to the ground by the LaGOP.

Henry has since proudly come over to the Libertarian Party.… Read more ...

Two Libertarians Elected In Louisiana By Filing For Office

Two Alderman have been elected in Louisiana’s partisan elections before the races have even occurred. Randall Hayes and Michael Riffe are both Libertarian Party candidates for villages in Winn Parish, Louisiana. In each case, three Alderman are to be elected in the upcoming elections and only three candidates have filed, so the Libertarian Party candidates are to be elected by default.… Read more ...

Buddy Roemer Says He Has List of 23 Vice Presidential Possibilities

Buddy Roemer is the former Governor of Louisiana, but is now running for President and is hoping to secure the nomination of the Americans Elect party. He discusses some of his difficulties in picking a running mate in this article.

“We’re looking at 23 different people to have as a running mate.

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Mug Wumps, Jedis, Discordians, and Aerosmith: A Listing of Louisiana Party Registrants

The News Star in Louisiana recently did a report on the registrants by party in Louisiana. The results were fascinating, turning up a total of 217 parties, 86 of which have only 1 member. Twelve of those registrants are members of the Jedi Party.

The state has a bunch of Bananas — well, 20 of them — registered as the Banana Party.

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Buddy Roemer Announces His Intention to Seek Americans Elect Nomination

We previously reported on Buddy Roemer, a former governor of Louisiana, hinting that he might continue his run for President in 2012 as an Independent. Now former Governor Roemer has announced that he will seek the nomination of Americans Elect.

Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer today became the first candidate to announce that he will seek the nomination of Americans Elect, an advocacy group that is trying to put a third, split-party ticket on the presidential ballot.

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Louisiana Election Returns

Source: Ballot Access News

The Louisiana Secretary of State’s web page has election returns for the state election of October 22 here. Scott Lewis, the Libertarian candidate for Governor, polled 1.22% in a race with ten candidates. Although that is not especially noteworthy, it is far better than the only other instance when the Libertarian Party ran a candidate for Governor.… Read more ...

Connecticut Ballot Access Bill

Ballot Access News:

Connecticut Senator Andrew Maynard (D-Stonington) has introduced Proposed Bill 778, which cuts the number of signatures for statewide and U.S. House candidates, in the general election, down to 1,000 signatures. Current law requires 7,500 signatures for statewide candidates, and signatures equal to 1% for U.S. House candidates, which is always close to 3,000 signatures in midterm years and 2,400 in presidential years.… Read more ...