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Liberty Union Party Nominates Gloria La Riva for President

As Ballot Access News reports, the newly- christened presidential nominee of the socialist Peace and Freedom Party and presidential nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), Gloria La Riva, received the presidential nomination of Vermont’s ballot qualified Liberty Union Party.

La Riva’s running mate Leonard Peltier was nominated for vice president. … Read more ...

Green Party Message to Bernie Sanders Supporters

The Green Party’s Twitter account sent out the following message to supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders who today ended his campaign for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination:

Early in his political career, Sanders was a member of the Liberty Union Party in Vermont. He was elected Mayor of Burlington as an Independent in 1980, elected to the House of Representatives as an Independent in 1990, and elected to the US Senate as an Independent in 2006.… Read more ...

Green Mountain Party Gains Minor Party Status in Vermont

The Green Mountain Party has gained Minor Party status in the state of Vermont. The Green Mountain Party is a political group unique to Vermont and is not affiliated with any national political organization. The Green Mountain Party was initially founded in 2015 in the town of Waitsfield. By December of this year, the Green Mountain Party had managed to create the 10 recognized town party committees to be able to file for state minor party status.… Read more ...

Former VT Gov. recounts Bernie’s 1986 Independent campaign against her in endorsement of Hillary

In discussing her endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Vermont’s first female Gov. Madeleine Kunin (D, 1985-1991) recounts her experience in the 1986 gubernatorial campaign, when then-Mayor Bernie Sanders ran against her as an independent:

When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont

Hillary Clinton is not the first progressive Democratic woman to be challenged by Bernie Sanders.

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Harvey Wasserman: A victory for the No Nukes movement

Harvey Wasserman, Secretary of Energy

Grassroots citizen activism and the No Nukes movement have won another great victory with Entergy’s announcement that the Vermont Yankee reactor will shut down.

It is closing only because of the fierce non-violent determination of countless activists over the decade who value life and understand the horrible destructive power of atomic energy, as is now being demonstrated so destructively at Fukushima.

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Angus King Wins in Maine, Two Independents in the U.S. Senate Now

Angus King has been polling ahead in the U.S. Senate race in Maine for months now. Tonight, he made the decision final when he was swept to victory in the race by a majority. King joined Bernie Sanders as Independents who will likely caucus with Democrats. Bernie Sanders of Vermont likewise cruised to victory, winning over 70% of the vote.… Read more ...

Rocky Anderson Sues Vermont Over Cumbersome Petition-Checking Procedures

Ballot Access News:

Vermont requires independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, to submit 1,000 signatures (for statewide office) by June 14. This year, the Justice Party collected over 1,300 signatures to place its presidential nominee, Rocky Anderson, on the November ballot. However, because Vermont requires petitioning groups to first collect the signtures, then submit them to town clerks, then collect them again and take them to the Secretary of State, not all signatures were available by the deadline for submission.

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Vermont Progressive Party Chairwoman Files to Run In Gubernatorial Primary

Richard Winger has news of the Progressive Party of Vermont’s Gubernatorial primary in 2012. The Chairwoman of the party has filed to run in the primary and is seen as the most likely victor.

Martha Abbott, chair of the Vermont Progressive Party, will appear on the Progressive Party primary ballot in August as a candidate for Governor.

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Progressive Party of Vermont Organizing Slate of Candidates for 2012

The Progressive Party of Vermont is arguably one of the most successful state-level third parties in the United States, having elected multiple State Senators, State Representatives, etc. Now, the Progressive Party of Vermont is organizing its slate of candidates, especially statewide candidates, for 2012.

On the topic of Progressives, party Chairwoman Martha Abbott of Underhill said she’ll be a candidate for governor, Marjorie Powers of Montpelier is running for lieutenant governor and the party will support Doug Hoffer for auditor.

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Vermont Progressive Party Profiled by In These Times

In These Times has published a rather lengthy profile of the Progressive Party of Vermont which is overwhelmingly positive. The profile covers the party’s origins, multiple election and legislative victories, and the party’s strength in particular areas.

One state where left-leaning voters do have greater choice today – and their own political voice – is Vermont.

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Reason’s Coverage: The Libertarian Party Convention Has Begun

Garrett Quinn has written over at Reason about the beginning of the Libertarian Party National Convention. Hopefully there will be more coverage to come from Reason.

The national party leaves it up to the state parties to determine how they pick delegates for the national convention. Most  select their delegates at a state convention or caucus, effectively relegating the presidential primary to the status of an irrelevant beauty contest in some states.

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In race for Burlington, VT mayor without a Progressive Party nominee, third parties and independents still play large role

On VTDigger.org, Greg Guma takes a look at how people and groups ranging from outright independents to Vermont’s independent, democratic socialist, close-with-the-Progressive-Party Senator Bernie Sanders to a former Green Party candidate are playing a role in the race for Burlington mayor.  It’s the first time since 1991 that the Progressives haven’t fielded a candidate, yet the city continues, in a sense, to function as a multi-party system. … Read more ...