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Posts published in “Third Party History”

George Phillies Buys IPR

Long-time Libertarian activist George Phillies has purchased Independent Political Report. The purchase includes the current web site, the URLs,,, and, two Twitter sites, and two FaceBook groups. Changes in the appearance of IPR are already evident.

The story began with an email, from which we quote:

Hi George,
I’ve been considering putting the site on the market … Am I correct in recalling that, at one point, you were interested in acquiring IPR?Read more ...

Time Capsule: Remembering When Gertrude Stein Backed Huey Long for President 87 Years Ago

Declaring that “Roosevelts come and go, but Longs go on and up forever,” Gertrude Stein, the expatriate writer and poet living in Paris where she had befriended Pablo Picasso, Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway and other prominent figures in the arts and literary world, surprised the nation’s political pundits 87 years ago this week when she endorsed Louisiana’s Huey P.… Read more ...