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Time Capsule: William Allen White Waged War on the Klan in 1924 Gubernatorial Campaign

Legendary newspaper editor William Allen White, a man who advised Presidents and rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s greatest statesmen in a career that spanned five decades, waged one of the most fascinating and extraordinary political campaigns in the country, nearly toppling his major-party rivals in a bid to become governor of Kansas in 1924.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Kansas: Fourth District Convention to chose a candidate for the Special Election

The Libertarian Party of Kansas will hold its special convention on Saturday February 11 at the Wichita Public Library

3447 S Meridian Ave, Wichita Kansas 67217


REASON: to elect a Libertarian candidate for the April 11 Special Election in the Fourth Congressional District to replace Representative Mike Pompeo

PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL LIBERTARIANS you know that live in the 4th Congressional District

ONLY FOURTH DISTRICT voters registered as LIBERTARIANS can take part in OUR special election.… Read more ...

Hutchinson News: Kansas libertarians hopeful for 2018

UnknownFrom the Hutchinson News:

TOPEKA –Buoyed by a likable presidential candidate, Kansas libertarians are confident they can swell their ranks this year in pursuit of an improved party status in 2018.

“It’s going to be a dynamite year for us, and that is mainly because of the Gary Johnson situation,” said Rob Hodgkinson, chair of the Kansas Libertarian Party, referring to the former New Mexico governor and libertarian presidential candidate.… Read more ...

Kansas City Kansan: Why I’m voting for Gary Johnson – and eight reasons you should too

Nick Sloan in the Kansas City Kansan:

Being a publisher gives me a right, but also a responsibility of disclosing all of my information.

That said, I’m disclosing the fact that I’m voting for Libertarian Party candidate Governor Gary Johnson in this November’s presidential election.

See his reasons for voting for Johnson here.… Read more ...

Reform Party of Kansas Changes Mind: Nominated Virgil Goode for President

The Reform Party of Kansas had previously nominated Chuck Baldwin for President in 2012, which was an odd pick considered the Montana preacher wasn’t running for President anymore, not for the last four years. Now, the Reform Party of Kansas has reportedly changed their minds and want to nominate Virgil Goode for President instead.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Presidential Candidates Answer Extensive Questionaires

There are five presidential candidates vying for the nomination of the Constitution Party. Each of them answered a questionnaire which was put out by the Constitution Party of Indiana a couple of months ago. They are posted online. Michael Kennedy of Maryland, Laurie Roth of Washington, Susan Ducey of Kansas, Robby Wells of North Carolina, and Virgil Goode of Virginia.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Presidential Debate Involves Six Candidates

Saturday, March 31, there will be a presidential debate amongst six candidates seeking the nomination of the Constitution Party. The debate will be held in Lansing, Michigan at 10 a.m., at a restaurant at 3420 South Crayts Road. This event is free to the public, but seating will be limited.

The six candidates that will be attending and participating in the debate are: Susan Ducey of Kansas, former Congressman Virgil Goode of Virginia, Michael Kennedy of Maryland, J.

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Kansas Secretary of State Argues Case Against Constitution Party Personally

The Secretary of State in Kansas has decided to argue an election lawsuit personally, rather than turning it over to the Attorney General of the state. The lawsuit was brought against the state of Kansas by the Constitution Party of Kansas.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach is both the defendant and his own attorney in a lawsuit now before a federal appeals court over how Kansas deals with small political parties.

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States beginning to list Americans Elect registered voters

Ballot Access News:

According to this story, the Kansas Secretary of State’s office has released a new voter registration tally, as of October 1, 2011, and that tally shows that one person in Kansas is registered in Americans Elect. This appears to be the first official registration data in any state that shows any registered voters in Americans Elect.… Read more ...

IPR investigation: Where has Americans Elect attempted to get on the ballot?

Posted by Paulie:

In my last update on Americans Elect I wrote:

Jim Cook has updates on Americans Elect activities in Arizona, Nevada and Ohio. The petitioner grapevine has it that Americans Elect petitioning has been completed in Arizona and Kansas, but Nevada is the only state that their signatures have been verified to have been turned in to the state through sources I have seen.

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Andrew Gray for Kansas Governor 2010 Team Looks to Future

About fifty excited supporters gathered with Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate, Andrew Gray, and his running mate, Stacey Davis, to watch history made as Kansas gave birth to a third major political party. As the hours rolled by it became more obvious that the team would fall short of its goal of receiving 5% of the statewide vote for Kansas Governor.… Read more ...

KS: Libertarian and Reform Parties Aim for Major Party Status

From the Kansas City Star via TPID:

With so many citizens fed up with both Democrats and Republicans this year, third-party candidates in Kansas hope protest votes will push them into the big leagues.

Some observers think the Libertarian or Reform parties have a real chance of winning 5 percent of the vote statewide, which would give them major-party status in the state and more access to debates.

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