Jay writes about Barr’s impact on race at BetUS

Presidential candidate Charles Jay, in his capacity as a writer for BetUS.com, examines how Libertarian Bob Barr’s campaign may impact the results of the presidential election. Jay writes, “Whereas in the past the concept of libertarianism, which places a heavy emphasis on fiscal conservative and drastically reduced government, combined with a social liberalism that is also rooted in less government ‘legislation of morality,’ could be counted on to draw a considerable amount of support from both Democrat and Republican-leaning voters, Barr seems to be taking dead aim at the conservatives who are not satisfied with Republican candidate John McCain, which have been a concern for people in the GOP from the start. Barr is getting the support is 7% of the respondents who identified themselves as conservatives, and in a subsequent phone survey conducted by Zogby, got 7% of independents and 7% of those who attend religious services on a weekly basis, while receiving only 43% of those who classified themselves as ‘libertarian’ (a smaller group). Maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise, since Barr won the Libertarian Party nomination on the sixth ballot and got only 51.8% of delegates when the final vote was tallied that day, despite a sizable advantage in so-called ‘name value.'”

Jay continues, “He is generally not viewed as a pure libertarian, and has since angered some hard-core ‘L’s’ by, among other things, delivering glowing words for ultra-right wing former Senator Jesse Helms upon Helms’ death on the Fourth of July (Note: We will not editorialize extensively on this, because our own campaign may play more of a part in this story as things progress – see signature below).” Indeed, at the close of the feature is this disclaimer: “Charles Jay is the 2008 presidential nominee of both the Boston Tea Party and the Personal Choice Party. He says he will place odds on himself at the appropriate time.”

2 thoughts on “Jay writes about Barr’s impact on race at BetUS

  1. Gene Trosper

    Charles Jay: why don’t you start doing some campaigning for the BTP instead of obsessing over Bob Barr? Show us what you are, other than someone adept at bitching and moaning.

    Tom Knapp should been the presidential nominee.

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