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Sonny Landham calls for genocide of all Arabs and Muslims

Washington, DC – During an interview with “The Weekly Filibuster”
radio show last night, Kentucky Libertarian Senate Candidate
Sonny Landham heightens his controversial comments by calling for
genocide of all Arabs.


Sage Koontz: So are you calling for a complete genocide of the Arab
race? Is that what you’re saying? Unless they raise the white flag?

Sonny Landham: When you are in a war, you kill every thing that moves.

Sage Koontz: [Inaudible]

Sonny Landham: What?

Sage Koontz: Even if it’s an innocent person, is that a legitimate
reason to take a life?

Sonny Landham: Alright, do you consider the people that were in the
twin towers, were they innocent or where they guilty of something,
Sage, you tell me.

Sage Koontz: They were innocent.

Sonny Landham: Okay, they were innocent. So how do you think their
survivors feel about Arabs?

Sage Koontz: I don’t know sir, you’d have to ask–

Sonny Landham: Oh, but you do know how these poor camel-dung
shovelers feel, is that correct?

Sage Koontz: I believe that’s completely–

Matt Cavedon: This is Matt, and I’m from Connecticut and I know
people who lost relatives in the attack on 9/11 and I remember being
afraid for my life that we [inaudible]

Sonny Landham: I can’t hear you.

Matt Cavedon: I’m sorry about that. I said that I am from central
Connecticut. I live ninety minutes from New York City. People in my
town lost relatives and friends in 9/11. I live an hour away from the
nuclear submarine base and I remember that day being afraid that there
could be an attack on my state. I also know Arabs who have pined and
cried for friends that they lost in 9/11. Now I know that the
families of these victims do not support the genocide of–

Sonny Landham: They don’t, alright. You’re speaking for each and
every one of them, you’ve gone around and asked each of everyone of
them what they want to do?

Matt Cavedon: Of course not, but have you, you’re from–

Sonny Landham: Did they want to ret–did they want retaliation?

Matt Cavedon: Yes, did they want blind slaughter, abs–[olutely not]

Sonny Landham: Alright, now, do you know, did not George Bush say a
‘War on Terrorism?’

Matt Cavedon: Yes, something that the Libertarian Party–

Sonny Landham: Wait a minute, I didn’t ask about the Libertarian
Party. I just asked what the President did.

Matt Cavedon: Yes, that’s what he said.

Sonny Landham: Alright, so he said a war on terrorism. Do you know
what the definition of war is?

Matt Cavedon: I know that it’s not killing everything that moves and
committing genocide against your enemies.

Sonny Landham: That is war, my friend. That is war. That is war.
Do you think–what do you think when the bomb was, the atomic bombs
were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Matt Cavedon: Are you calling for outright genocide? Yes or no?

Sonny Landham: I call for outright bombing them back into the sand
until they surrender and if they don’t surrender, then you continue
the war. Because if you don’t, you will never have peace in the
United States. Now do you want peace in the United States or do you
want to live to some utopian ideals that are impossible in a world?

Sonny Landham: What is it that I have said about America that the
Boston Tea Party would disagree with?

Todd Barnett [Boston Tea Party Vice Chair]: Well, um, where I
disagree is, um, the, um the language that you use, um–

Sonny Landham: I’m sorry, the what?

Todd Barnett [Boston Tea Party Vice Chair]: Where I disagree, Sonny,
is the language that you use. Um–

Sonny Landham: What language is that, sir?

Todd Barnett [Boston Tea Party Vice Chair]: Well you refer to Arabs,
all Arabs as camel dung-shovelers, sir. And you–

Sonny Landham: Well would you prefer that I use rag-heads or camel jockeys?

Ben Goodman: Do you fear that the Libertarian Party of Kentucky may
decide to take the nomination away from you?

Sonny Landham: That would be their choice, wouldn’t it.

Ben Goodman: And, ah, if they were to do that, would you continue
your bid as an independent, or…

Sonny Landham: Now we’re into hypothetical questions. This hasn’t
even come up. This hasn’t even come up. You didn’t have Libertarian
people from Kentucky on the panel tonight, you had somebody out of
Boston, or the Boston Tea Party, whatever. Uh, look, I’m the type of
person that I have beliefs, core beliefs, and I won’t trade my beliefs
for anybody. I’ll look you in the eye and tell you what I believe,
and tell you what I think, and what I feel, and what I believe. And
now unless, and I’m subject to change my mind on anything if you give
me a rational argument, show me where I’m wrong and how we, what would
be a better plan. I’m not carved in stone on things. But as long as
I believe in something and I look you in the eye and tell you “this is
what it is,” that is my word and I stick by it until somebody can show
me a better way. And as any party, I don’t care if it’s Libertarian,
Republican, Democrat, or whatever else party you can conjure up, will
not change my beliefs. My belief is a better life for the people and
giving the people an honest shake, an honest day’s work. In their
government. That’s where I stand and I don’t care what anybody else
things or doesn’t think as far as a party, now we’re talking as a
party platform.

Ben Goodman: While we’re on immigration, if I’m not mistaken, you
helped to host the Council of Conservative Citizens conference in
Clarksville, IN corect?

Sonny Landham: My name was put on it, I did not actually co-host.

Ben Goodman: Okay, but if you’re name was on it, do you support the
work of the CCC?

Sonny Landham: I did a movie for them. I did a film called American
Under Attack. I produced, I dir–well, it was a DVD, I produced it and
directed it for him, but I also moderatd the panel.

Ben Goodman: So would it be fair to say you support the work that they do?

Sonny Landham: I’m not familiar with the work that they do. In
reality I know that they are a conservative party.

Ben Goodman: Because while we’re talking about immigration, the CEO
of that organization said that one of the central questions in the
immigration issue is whether the USA should remain or become a third
world country. Have illegal immigrants brought the US down to a
third…third world country status?

Sonny Landham: Illegal immigration, well we don’t have–illegal
immigrants have put a drain on our economy, yes.

Ben Goodman: So by associating yourself with this organization, this
organization said that blacks, African-Americans are quote “are a
retrograde species of humanity.”

Sonny Landham: I have never heard anybody connected with that, with
that organization that said that.

Ben Goodman: So if those statements are in fact of the CCC, would you
condemn them?

Sonny Landham: Well I totally repudiate that. I totally repudiate
that. I’m a minority myself. I’m an Indian with Jewish heritage. So
I definitely repudiate that. Categorically.

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  1. paulie paulie April 1, 2013

    What made you notice it almost 5 years after it was posted?

  2. mark mark April 1, 2013

    This is the first I heard of this. As a Navajo, I am shocked, saddened and disgusted by Sonny Landham. The guy is working hard to be the white man’s house pet. Or should I say The American Government’s house Pet. George Lopez is America’s Mexican and Sonny wants to be America’s Indian. That means, white washed, watered down and mindless. The same genocide the US government perpetrated against our people is the same thing Sonny is promoting against arabs and muslims. The majority of “those” people are dirt poor and US foreign policy is keeping it that way. Sonny needs to come to terms with himself and who he is. His days as the house pet are numbered.

  3. Captain America Captain America April 18, 2012

    Sonny Landham. Used to be a big fan but after hearing these words, he can go rot in hell.

    What a loser. Ask Sonny Landham what his ancestors thought of the Americans when they were raping his sorry ass into existence..

  4. paulie paulie January 27, 2011


    I meant that it made no sense for Jill to talk to Ken Moellman about it now. It was two and a half years ago and they leaned their lesson way back then.

    You are quite correct that Dondero is a big Sonny Landham fan.

  5. Timothy Yung Timothy Yung January 27, 2011

    This is not since apparently Eric Dondero and Sonny Landham seem to think libertarian means nuking the Middle East.

  6. paulie paulie January 20, 2011

    Jill.. this is

    Old news from 2008

  7. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt January 20, 2011

    I’m disgusted beyond words. I will be writing to Ken Moellman this evening, FWIW. This is depressing me even further on a totally depressing day.

  8. Sarfaraz Sarfaraz January 20, 2011

    Little number of fans that he’d have got through films, should have disappeared, after his such ill-cum-psycho comments lol.

    I regard USA a great country, I am from Pakistan, I have never been to any country, yet I love USA through the history I have read about it, and lot of historical figures as well as US Presidents since George Washington, than Sonny would ever have read being in America, except about George W Bush, that might be too after 9/11 lol…

  9. Sarah Sarah October 3, 2010

    Am an Irish-American Lady and I find sonny’s comments discusting and immoral and not keeping up with American Values….He’s simply giving Indians more of a bad name, now he’s just playing slaves to the white people, how weak and stupid can u get? so embarassing. God help Us!

  10. Advice for the ‘Poor Rich’
    by Brett Arends
    Thursday, September 23, 2010

    provided by

    Everybody hates Todd Henderson ………..
    Never, ever, ever again blog about how hard it is to live on $300,000 or $350,000 a year at a time when one middle-aged man in four can’t find a full-time job, and one in five can’t find any job at all.

    Write to Brett Arends at

  11. Charlie Charlie September 24, 2010

    I feel sorry for Americans!

  12. Gord Ruddin Gord Ruddin August 21, 2010

    Comments from Sonny and his raving fanatical pals on the Right show that America has become a nation of “9/11 Nazis”. They can kill, rape, discriminate, torture etc as they wish because they’re ‘victims’.

    If Yanks are allowed to bomb Arabs because of one attack, what about people in Afghan, Iraq, Vietnam and others that are/were bombed daily by Americans? Are they allowed to commit genocide of Americans?

    Sonny- a pathetic Native who believes he is a White American (the people who wiped out his people)!!!!

  13. Mike Theodore Mike Theodore July 19, 2010

    Well this is an unfortunate blast from the past….

  14. wayne wayne July 19, 2010

    hey YO: The american White people have been on there knees for a long time now. Of course Kennedy is right, dont be ignorant. Everybody besides the real native people of america are generally stupid. Native americans themselves have been fighting terrorists off for a long time. NEVER FORGET THE REAL AMERICANS OF THIS LAND.

  15. YO YO May 11, 2010

    To Johnny Kennedy

    Its people like you have brought the American White people to its knees of ignorance and stupidity.

    I call for mass genicide on the Racist !
    and when that happens believe me Terrorism will stop !

  16. Johnny Kennedy Johnny Kennedy April 6, 2010

    I love this guy. He just says what most intelligent Americans believe, but are afraid to say publicly.

  17. wayne wayne March 30, 2010

    jesse ventura…Sonny is way better then him. to the russian, i bet SL would could still put ur ass in ur place. the only reason why his people were killed b/c the white man was very unclean. they brought sickness with them. didnt u learn that in school..? if the whites were half way clean people then we wouldnt be having this conversation.

  18. ismah al-aziz ismah al-aziz February 23, 2010

    billy the other day i went down on my girl friend and i said jees you gotta big pussy jees you gotta big pussy. she said why did you say that twice. i said i didnt it was the echo…. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha….. sonny landhams claim to fame, the predators laugh…. im a russian sonny and i would personally love to kick your old indiand ass for your comments. i saw your number and i think im gonna call u and offer the challenge. on pay per view donate the money to haiti… yea that sounds cool. i hope uve been active more than your piece of shit film career…….

  19. ismah al-aziz ismah al-aziz February 23, 2010

    youll never be jesse ventura or arnie… oh and lay off the fire water and the peace pipe….

  20. ismah al-aziz ismah al-aziz February 23, 2010

    im scared poncho. whayevers out there it aint no man. where all gonna die……

  21. ismah al-aziz ismah al-aziz February 23, 2010

    sonny landham. wow a native american with jewish heritage and a former porn star. lol. too much time in hollywood. why did this guy need a 6ft 8 inch body gaurd to protect people from him on the set of predator? this guys wife went mental and divorced his ass and he went to the big house for 31 months. sonny my man, i loved some of your movies and you know your pretty good at acting, but to pop off at the month about muslims and commiting genocide, damn. look at the cherokee and seminoles and tell me, why did you all of a sudden turn into an angol saxon white supremist hate monger. sonny, your 69 years old and i think its time for you to reflect on your positions of thought process. you are a smart guy, but study 911 and learn the facts it wasnt the arabs, it was the same white people who killed your people and stole your land. get it correct man.

  22. Political one-two punch badly misses its mark
    By Logan Jenkins, *

    Monday, December 14, 2009 at 12:50 a.m.
    Photo of logan-jenkins
    Call Logan at 760-737-7555

    A couple of weeks ago, I was on an Oceanside cable TV show and, while asking a question to Richard Rider, I said “recall” when I meant to say “term limits,” .

    Aside from senility*, the only explanation for the slip was that these two populist tactics, both designed to turn over the governmental soil for the public good, have become, at least in my mind, joined at the hip.

    As Rider, president of San Diego Tax Fighters, said on KOCT, that frontal attack would have suited him far better than what’s on the current petition.

    Logan Jenkins: (760) 737-755;

    [a] * and after round after round of lay offs, this is one of the brown nosing dufises whom still draws a pay check ………

    [b] Sorry for the early attempts not transferring, may be it was the JPEG on the photo …….

  23. paulie paulie December 14, 2009

    No one has yet thought to ask the question, how did this individual get Kentucky?s endorsement in the first place? Was it simply because he hung that L after his name? Did they not examine his positions and statements beforehand? Or did he defraud them by hiding this from them?

    Actually, that question was explored at length in followup posts and comments.

  24. Don Lake .......... Ex Officio Don Lake .......... Ex Officio December 14, 2009

    Carolyn Marbry // Dec 14, 2009 :
    ” I have to wonder, why are we so squeamish about removing compromised people from positions that put the party at risk?”

    Sorry, but as a non L out sider whom has tried to work with Libs in and around Southern California for over a decade, I seem to recall very competent, infact pretty much all, individuals, being assailed ‘ex officio”. Just being a L official seems to put a target on one’s fore head …..

    Sad to say, the local GOP third rate daily rag had a Lib related article just today on page A2. Mister San Diego County Libertarian [Tax Payer guardian Richard ‘Sand Paper’ Rider] was quoted through out the article, the Libertarian Party, of which he is a major, major player, was not mention, even once.

    I have already sent off a complaining Letter To The Editor, but the previous regime never printed one of my submissions in a quarter of a century.

    Let’s see if any of the local party regulars [Ed Tessiler ?????] can get a word in edge wise. The Union Tribune prints his missives …………….

  25. Carolyn Marbry Carolyn Marbry December 14, 2009

    If he’s a Libertarian, I don’t think he’s any subspecies of such that the Nolan would recognize… so I don’t believe sticking every other Libertarian group’s sublabel on him is going to help anybody’s cause.

    No one has yet thought to ask the question, how did this individual get Kentucky’s endorsement in the first place? Was it simply because he hung that L after his name? Did they not examine his positions and statements beforehand? Or did he defraud them by hiding this from them?

    Between this and the stuff in CA, I have to wonder, why are we so squeamish about removing compromised people from positions that put the party at risk, either in legal terms or in terms of our image and our ability to attract voters?

  26. sd sd December 14, 2009

    i hate sand niggers

  27. Mike Theodore Mike Theodore July 28, 2008

    I’m not sure about that. I think in his mind, his twisted mind, he believes that he is a Libertarian and holds the postions. When I called in to ask him about that, he claimed that only “disgruntled” Libertarians were against him. If he’s under the claim that he’s a Libertarian, I think everyone should keep an eye on the Kansas LP and there candidates.

  28. mikekole mikekole July 28, 2008

    There is a huge lesson here for LP affiliates: Jealously guard your ballot access. Vet your candidates thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to jetison a candidate who becomes a liability. Sometimes there is significant addition by subtraction.

    But come on. Landham isn’t a libertarian. With this racist nonsense in conjunction with his views on labor unions and corporations, he’s actually the antithesis of a libertarian. He’s an opportunist nutjob who is trying to take advantage of LP ballot access.

  29. Bob Weber Bob Weber July 26, 2008

    The LP of Kentucky is “not ready” to unendorse Landham? “Maybe Monday night?” Consequences for other candidates if Landham is unendorsed? Guys, there’ll be big consequences for the whole party if Landham isn’t unendorsed. You made yourselves a big shit sandwich and you’re all gonna have to take a bite and get it over with ASAP.

  30. mscrib mscrib July 26, 2008


    Thanks for the apology and for a fine demonstration of LPeople skills.

  31. Arthur Torrey Arthur Torrey July 26, 2008

    Barr should feel right at home with Sonny, after all Barr spoke at a CCC conference many years back, and had a laughably poor explanation / excuse…

    Maybe they should give him another invite…


  32. langa langa July 26, 2008


    I think you should seek professional help. You seem to be a very troubled individual. If I’m wrong, I apologize.

  33. mscrib mscrib July 26, 2008


    Thanks for the update. But the LPKY needs to get it’s ass in gear on this. I would call this a semi-major crisis worthy of immediate and decisive action.

  34. mscrib mscrib July 26, 2008

    By the way, I was calling RP the “jackass,” not anyone who had previously posted in his support.

  35. mscrib mscrib July 26, 2008

    But Ron Paul takes money from Don Black. Yeah, it’s true that the money is no longer Black’s to spend on racist causes, but YOU TOOK MONEY FROM DON BLACK AND REF– USED TO RETURN IT, YOU JACKASS! That IS the point!

    No apology from Ron Paul will make up for that. I was barely able to put up with his anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, gold standard, “true conservative” garbage, but this was the final straw for me. I’m supposed to trust them with my money when they don’t know Campaigning 101? Millions of dollars and he can’t hire competent staff to tell him when to distance himself from undesirables? I’ll never give another cent to that man or Lew Rockwell or any of those racist “paleolibertarian” jerks.

  36. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | July 26, 2008

    Just got off a conference call with Weekly Filibuster and LPKY chair Ken Moellman a little bit ago.

    8 of 12 exec comm members participated in the preceding call, which we were not on. Moellman relayed that, although the LPKY is considering withdrawing its endorsement, it is not ready to do so at this time, and that they will have another call about it Monday night.

    He expressed that it is hard to get a quorum given that LPKY exec comm members have different schedules, and that they have received calls from LPHQ and LNC. He also said there would be possible consequences for other candidates if Landham is unendorsed. However, he said he believes the party will be on the ballot regardless.

  37. langa langa July 26, 2008


    I find your attempt to equate Ron Paul with Landham to be despicable, and a clear sign of either ignorance or dishonesty, for 3 reasons:

    1) As paulie has already pointed out, the hostility between the Mises crowd and the Cato crowd goes back much further than the infamous newsletter scandal. To try to portray the Cato crowd as innocent victims of a “smear campaign” who were just trying to “oppose bigotry” demonstrates either ignorance of the history of this feud, or dishonesty.

    2) While there were certainly some things in those newsletters that libertarians shouldn’t be proud of, there was nothing there that even remotely approached Landham’s call for racially motivated genocide, or even the calls of some other “libertarians” for offensive war, which is itself a form of mass murder that violates everything libertarianism stands for. To claim otherwise, again, is a sign of either ignorance of what was in the newsletters, or dishonesty.

    3) Ron Paul apologized for the content of those newsletters and took personal responsibility for them over a decade ago. I haven’t heard anything close to an apology from Landham. Again, you are either ignorant about Ron Paul’s mea culpa, or dishonest, by continuing to try to smear a man who has done far more for the cause of freedom and justice than you (or I) ever will.

  38. G.E. G.E. July 26, 2008

    What’s a “racist”?

    I’m talking about people who do not believe in the NAP.

  39. Gene Trosper Gene Trosper July 26, 2008

    G.E. // Jul 26, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    Sonny is only using slightly harsher language than fellow “libertarians” in the Stato Institute like Brink Lindsey. These are the people the Defraud Caucus want to appeal to; make libertarianism a “big tent.” You’re getting what you want.

    Oh, puh-lease, G.E.

    Where is your proof that reformists want to attract racists?

    I’m not a reformist, but even I have to call BS when it’s unfounded. You’re a better person than to say things like that…at least I hope so.

  40. Gene Trosper Gene Trosper July 26, 2008

    I contacted all the LPKY officers about this today. Hopefully, others will do the same. Put their feet to the fire, people!

  41. Galileo Galilei Galileo Galilei July 26, 2008

    I guess we can rule out the idea that Landham is a 9/11 Truther.

  42. Lance Brown Lance Brown July 26, 2008

    I think the idea that Sonny Landham’s behavior represents some sort of offshoot of libertarian reformism or whatever is ridiculous. Landham doesn’t represent any component of the LP. He’s a wingnut.

    And while Landham is a wingnut and an awful candidate, I find the leadership of the LPKY (and KY Libertarians in general) to be at the most fault here. The fact that one guy can walk around making all this awful news and no one is taking sufficient public measures to control the situation is the real problem. If the party leadership needs time for its bureacracy (as the state chair has claimed), then other leaders in the KY LP should be out in force.

    And Mike Gillis, don’t underestimate the impact of this. It impacts the LP far beyond Kentucky. Every election cycle (it seems) there are one or two Libertarian candidates who provide the media with the weirdo they need to continue their Libertarian “fringe” narrative. Landham is this cycle’s first shining star in that vein, and he’s being given enough airtime that he may have already earned us a blot for this cycle. With proper damage control, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.

    Funny how the local media there is falling over itself to give Landham more rope to hang himself with.

  43. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | July 26, 2008

    It’s interesting that most of the smears on these libertarians started because they did not approve of the Ron Paul Newsletters

    No, the faction fight between Cato/Reason and Mises Institute/Lew Rockwell/Murray Rothbard/Ron Paul goes back decades. To some degree, it is reflected in the LP split between the Radical and Reform caucuses, which also goes back to at least 1983 and has been reignited since 2005/2006. It did not start with the newsletters, which, outside of Ron Paul’s congressional district race in the 1990s, were not a topic of discussion before this year.

    Most radical libertarians, and most Ron Paul supporters, did not defend the content of the newsletters. Many did, however, accept Ron Paul’s disavowal of them – certainly not all, though.

  44. johncjackson johncjackson July 26, 2008

    Maybe he is just trying to appeal to that redneck bigot vote. We know, especially from the Democratic primaries that a lot of voters are redneck racists. Hey, isn’t that what Ron Paul/LR/MR wanted to do? It was OK then for some reason…

  45. johncjackson johncjackson July 26, 2008

    Many people in the Reform Caucus are radical libertarians and not GOP Lite ( it was originally sold not as a “Republican” takeover but more of a “leftish” one) and many people from Cato, Reason , and other places are far from statist.

    It’s interesting that most of the smears on these libertarians started because they did not approve of the Ron Paul Newsletters- for the same reason people do not approve of Sonny. Many of the harshest Ron Paul apologists ( who smeared everyone who dared oppose bigotry) now oppose this guy for racism? Nice. Trying learning to be consistent rather than worshiping a personality cult.

  46. Thomas M. Sipos Thomas M. Sipos July 26, 2008

    There sure are a lot of optimists here.

    My worry is that many Americans (by third party standards) support such bigotry.

    Just imagine if Landham got 5%, or even 10% of the vote. Some “libertarians” would be hailing his “vote getting” ability.

    Worse, Landham would attract bigots to the LP, thinking all Libertarians shared such views. And if enough bigots joined (doesn’t need to be too many by third party standards) they may be able to “reform” the LP into a bigoted majority party.

  47. johncjackson johncjackson July 26, 2008

    His beliefs and all this CCC stuff were known before he ran in this election. If not known, they were at least out there for anyone who knows how to use Google or Wikipedia. I mentioned it a couple places when his Libertarian candidacy was announced. His beliefs were in the media the last time he ran for something back when the stories were about how everyone from the movie Predator now had a career in politics. So if anyone in the Kentucky LP is outraged now maybe they should have done at least a superficial investigation of this guy before all this stuff came out. It was already obvious he had the potential to say this kind of stuff.

  48. Mike Gillis Mike Gillis July 26, 2008

    Paulie speaks the truth. He’d be just the raving lunatic if the LP withdraw its endorsement.

    Otherwise, he’s a raving lunatic endorsed by your party.

    The duopoly can survive a kook without a bruise to its reputation. People like Lyndon LaRouche can run in a major party primary and people think, “what a nut!”

    If he runs as a third party candidate, people think “that third party is full of nuts!”

    Landham and his racist and imperialistic statements have the potential to hurt not only Barr’s vote total in KY, but future KY Libertarians as well.

    Smaller parties don’t get the constant media coverage or the attention of a party with big name office holders do. So the impressions we make can last a long time.

    The last thing you want is for KY voters to get the impression wrongfully that the LP is full of racists who want to bomb people for their oil.

    Because if and when you run a GOOD candidate that represents your true values in KY, the Landham “aftertaste” will bleed over into that candidate.

    So the smartest thing for the KY LP to do is revoke the endorsement and denounce Landham in the most stringent sense possible. And when you do it, call him out for his racism. Don’t be half assed about it. Don’t mince words.

    Be blunt and forthright as only third parties have the balls to be.

    Remember how Ventura called out Buchanan as a bigot when he pulled the MN affiliate out of the national Reform Party? Do that.

  49. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | July 26, 2008

    He would be if the LP withdrew its endorsement.

  50. darolew darolew July 26, 2008

    Landham is getting far more attention than he deserves. He should be ignored as nothing more than a raving lunatic.

  51. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | July 26, 2008

    The sad thing is that Sonny Landham is the ONLY candidate I’ve seen mentioned in the same sentence as Barr.

    Munger comes to mind.

  52. inDglass inDglass July 26, 2008

    I have said before, If Landham was a Boston Tea Party candidate, they would have revoked his endorsement faster than you could say “camel dung shoveler.”

  53. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | July 26, 2008


    I was using that at least as far back as 2006.

  54. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | July 26, 2008

    I don’t know of anyone at the Cato institute, or anyone who is prominent in the Reform caucus, advocating anything close to genocide of all Arabs and Muslims, something that if carried out would make Hitler, Mao and Stalin look like small timers.

    It is true that some of them (not nearly all of them) were war supporters, and a diminishing number still are.

    Nor have I heard them advocate massive nationalization of the economy and protectionism of the sort Landham endorses.

    It’s true that some of the Reform Caucus are migrant bashers, as are some Rockwellians (I don’t think Cato is, and Reason clearly is not)
    but few if any even of those would endorse barring Arabs from entering the country, or nationalizing business which employ “illegal” immigrants and the rental property of landlords who rent to them, as Landham does.

    It’s true that the Reform Caucus creates a broad tent, which in my opinion is tilted far too much to the right, but even given that fact, that’s no excuse for letting genocidal bigots and socialistic nationalizationists like Landham crawl under that tent.

    It’s also true that the Cato institute cozies up far too much to the Republican establishment in an attempt to get quasi-libertarian proposals enacted in actual policy. However, even the Republican establishment does not tolerate open genocidal bigotry of Landham’s sort, so even those who consider compromising libertarian principles to achieve tangible results in the short term to be worthwhile should (and, in all fairness, apparently do) find associating the LP with Sonny to be counterproductive.

  55. Mike Gillis Mike Gillis July 26, 2008

    Everyone has plenty of derogatory nicknames for the Reform Caucus, but you folks always overlook the obvious one:

    The Deform Caucus.

    I’m not even a libertarian (big OR small ‘L’), but I thought I’d toss that out there.

  56. G.E. G.E. July 26, 2008

    Sonny is only using slightly harsher language than fellow “libertarians” in the Stato Institute like Brink Lindsey. These are the people the Defraud Caucus want to appeal to; make libertarianism a “big tent.” You’re getting what you want.

  57. G.E. G.E. July 26, 2008

    The sad thing is that Sonny Landham is the ONLY candidate I’ve seen mentioned in the same sentence as Barr.

  58. Mike Gillis Mike Gillis July 26, 2008

    Yeah, the LP really ought to move on this. This guy has the potential to really hurt you with voters even after this election.

    At the very least, keep Barr the hell away from him.

  59. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | July 26, 2008

    I don’t think the Libertarian Party will continue to endorse him.

  60. Zeleni Zeleni July 26, 2008

    So as an Indian with Jewish heritage, does he approve of the genocidal actions of the American and German wars against his ancestors? After all, that is war, my friend.

    I can’t believe the Libertarian Party would allow him to remain on their ballot line. But as an oil money funded Green, it’s not my problem.

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