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Brownlow calls earmarks a diversionary tactic

Clackamas, OR – DAVE BROWNLOW, Candidate for U.S. Senate, calls the sudden appearance of Earmarks on the campaign trail nothing but a diversionary tactic.

BROWNLOW said, “Here we go again. The moment Republicans start to smell electoral trouble closing in on them, they begin condemning the obvious spending outrages like the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ (which Gordon Smith voted to fund) in order to maintain the fiction that they are the party of smaller government. This is a classic head fake, and part of an elaborate ruse intended to divert our attention from the miserable spending record the Republicans have piled up over the last 14 years – more than doubling the federal budget and debt during a time when they controlled either the Congress, the presidency, or both. Unfortunately, it seems that very few are willing to look beyond the rhetoric.”

“Let’s put the Earmarks in perspective. According to the Office of Management and Budget, the total amount Congress squandered in FY 2008 for these unconscionable spending abuses was $16.5 billion. That is a lot of money to us normal folk, and there is no doubt that these Earmarks went to fund a lot of silly, completely unconstitutional programs – and of course they need to be eliminated. However, in the fantasy world of Washington spending, the entire Earmark budget was only one half of one percent of the $3.2 trillion our federal government printed, borrowed, or stole from us last year. Which barely qualifies Earmarks as a rounding error.”

“The real spending crisis we face in FY 2009 is the $1.7 trillion federal entitlements budget, the $1 trillion we will spend defending The American Empire, along with the $500+ billion Fannie/Freddie/banker buddy bailout – almost none of which is constitutional – and all of which is financed by an increasingly worthless fiat currency called the Federal Reserve Note. That is what has driven our country to the verge of bankruptcy. That is what is shrinking our paychecks. That is what has turned us into a debtor nation. That is what threatens our national security. It’s not the Earmarks.

“And to be fair, the Democrats have proven they are just as reckless in safeguarding our wealth as the Republicans.”

Rather than discussing the real challenges facing our nation, such as the need to begin the orderly and humane dismantlement of the welfare/warfare state, Jeff Merkley and Gordon Smith have chosen to put us through the absolute indignity of hearing about office furniture, golf clubs, hotdog eating habits, and other trivial nonsense. Oregonians deserve better than this, and a good place to start turning this into a real election would be to end DAVE BROWNLOW’s banishment from the upcoming Senate debates scheduled for October 10th in Portland and October 13th in Medford and October 17th at the Portland City Club.

We would ask Oregonians to contact the debate sponsors: The Oregonian, KGW-TV Portland, KOBI-TV Medford, Portland City Club, and request that all the candidates, including DAVE BROWNLOW, be allowed to debate so we can get beyond the trivialities and start talking about the real issues.


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