Mike Gravel and Ralph Nader endorse candidate for Congress in PA

Independent candidate for US Congress John Murphy, running in Pennsylvania’s 16th District, has been endorsed by both former Senator Mike Gravel and independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Mike Gravel also ran for president this year as a Democrat and a Libertarian. Conversely, John Murphy endorsed Ralph Nader and helped in the effort to get him on the ballot.

“I strongly endorse John,” said Gravel, “not only because of his strong opposition to the Iraq war but, like me, he knows that we could cut the price of gasoline in half at the pump if only George Bush, the Democrats, and the Republicans would stop talking about invading Iran. And he’ll do something about it when elected.”

Ralph Nader added:

John Murphy is as rugged as a buffalo and keeps his eye on the horizons of justice. He believes that corporations should be our servants, not our masters, and works hard to get them off our back. So the government can serve the people, as the framers of the Constitution intended.

In the announcement of these endorsements, Murphy also called for donations. You can donate here.

(Full disclosure:Â I’ve been volunteering for John Murphy’s campaign.)

3 thoughts on “Mike Gravel and Ralph Nader endorse candidate for Congress in PA

  1. Ross Levin Post author

    Don’t know. He endorsed Jesse Johnson, but now he’s out. Nader is closest to Gravel politically for one reason – he supports the national initiative (if you don’t know what that is, click my name).

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