Cindy Sheehan challenges Nancy Pelosi – and two other opponents – to debate


Cindy Sheehan, candidate for Congress, has gone public with her challenge to debate Nancy Pelosi in the race for San Francisco’s 8th Congressional District.

“We’ve been asking for a debate with Pelosi for months now, and she’s ignored us,” said Sheehan. “I’m ready to debate her at any time and at any place. From the economy and the war to the environment and education, voters have a right to know how the candidates purporting to represent them will manage the crucial challenges facing our country today.”
The campaign first formally invited Pelosi to a debate in September, but has yet to receive a response. Sheehan has also indicated her willingness to accommodate any date, format or location preferred by Pelosi. Sheehan’s campaign has also sent a similar invitation to the remaining candidates in the race — Dana Walsh(R) and Phillip Berg(L).
“Every day, my campaign receives inquiries from people about debates between the candidates,” said Sheehan. “I demand that my opponent respect the electoral process and agree to at least one debate in a public forum. The people in this District deserve to know where she stands on the issues, and what she has been doing in Washington to represent their interests. The stakes are too high right now for her to do anything less.”
Sheehan’s campaign has further indicated that, if Pelosi fails to respond, they will hold a debate on October 26 in San Francisco using video footage of Pelosi and her published statements to represent her opinions.
Recent polls show that voters in California are growing increasingly disenchanted with Pelosi’s performance in Washington. According to a May Field Poll, only 30% of California voters approved of Pelosi’s performance, while 39% disapproved. A Zogby poll, conducted from September 24 through September 25, also shows that Pelosi has seen an 18% drop in voter support since California’s June primary.

5 thoughts on “Cindy Sheehan challenges Nancy Pelosi – and two other opponents – to debate

  1. Ross Levin Post author

    In the article it says that 30% approve of Pelosi and 39% disapprove, but there’s no poll of the actual race, which I would like as well.

  2. der

    Its a shame this loon is the only one challenging Pelosi. Even though she used her son’s death as a political tool, I still hope the wacko wins.

  3. MattSwartz

    I don’t think Sheehan is as simple as that, der.

    What’s more, I hope I never have to walk in her shoes. I hope she beats Pelosi, too.

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