Doug Craig looks back on the 2008 campaign, and forward to Tom Knapp running in 2012

Posted at Crazy for Liberty by Doug Craig. Doug is a hard working Libertarian activist from Georgia.

I did not have time to work much on campaigns this year after the Denver convention. I wish I could have worked on the John Monds (1 million votes in Georgia) campaign some. I do not think it was a bad thing not to work on the Barr campaign. I called them early on to asked about buying yard signs for the Atlanta area (out of my pocket) [and] they turned me down (this call was with the guy who did the website). I call[ed] back many times on this. I also ask[ed] them about setting up a meeting with the Ron Paul people here in Georgia and they told me they had it under control. I then tried one more time and asked about helping with running cable ads in Atlanta and they again said they knew what they were doing but if I could give some more money that would help. This talk was with Russ Verney. The Barr campaign ended up where it did because these guys did not know how to run a campaign (low budget/Libertarian).They believed the Ron Paul people would come in with the big money and help but instead Barr’s people poked them in the eye.

Now that 2008 is over 2012 is all ready heating up. A real Libertarian has thrown his hat into the ring, Thomas Knapp. He is my kind of Libertarian he gets it from top to bottom. I had the good luck of riding with him to the Denver convention. I wish him luck and if I had to bet that if I offered him help he would take it

5 thoughts on “Doug Craig looks back on the 2008 campaign, and forward to Tom Knapp running in 2012

  1. johncjackson

    The Johncjackson Wing of the Radical Atheist Ex-Catholic Cosmotarian Non-Voting Agorist Party has endorsed Tom Knapp.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party is investigating the possibility of holding a series of joint fundraisers for Robert Milnes and Tom Knapp, including all of the parties mentioned so far on this thread and also including Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, John Lowell, Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Chuck Baldwin, the Protestant Stalinist Party chairman, the Australian Sex Party chairwoman, Cynthia McKinney, Steve Kubby, Daniel Imperato, representatives of international socialist parties, and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Barr and Root will not be invited under any circumstances.

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