Libertarian Kevin Barrett buys radio ads and robocalls

Libertarian candidate for Congress Kevin Barrett – who is running in Wisconsin – has put out both radio ads and robocalls in the final days leading up to the Election.

Today, Saturday, November 1st, Barrett’s campaign called 9,500 households in Wisconsin’s 3rd district. The homes were greeted with a one-minute automated call. The houses that were targeted had responded positively to Barrett’s robocalls in the past. The total cost of the venture was around $300, according to the campaign.

The campaign also put out one of its creative radio ads. It will air the ad about 100 times total, on one AM station and one FM station. Listen to it below.

The ads set Barrett back about $500.

6 thoughts on “Libertarian Kevin Barrett buys radio ads and robocalls

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Barrett and Democrats both rock! Besides their immoral support of the immoral divorce agenda and abortion agenda. The Catholic Trotskyist Party of America disapproves of its fellow Democrats Pelosi and Ke ind, and endorses Sheehan and Barrett!

  2. Galileo Galilei


    The radio ad is actually playing on one AM and one FM station in two different cities, so it will be on four stations total.

    The robo call was the same as a the radio ad.

    Robo calls are dirt cheap, more third party candidates should be doing them.

  3. Michael Gilson-De Lemos

    Robo calls work for general familiarization, and gettting concrete supporters for activist and political campaigns, especially off season or directing folks to a website. I’ve seen some great results and recommend them as well.

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