UK Libertarians remember the 5th of November


There’s a Libertarian Party in the UK. It’s only been around since January of this year, but already they’re causing a ruckus.

This past November 5th, they UK LP mailed out a specially inscribed copy of George Orwell’s 1984 to each and every Member of Parliament. The books had written on the inside cover “This book was a warning, not a blueprint.”

Ian Parker-Joseph, leader of the UK LP wrote:

“As the people of Britain become ever more spied upon and ever more heavily taxed, as the government attempts to control how much we should smoke, eat and drink, as the state legislates to regulate ever more the minutiae of our lives, the Libertarian Party want to remind people that we have the power, and that our elected representatives work for us.

The Libertarian Party would like the people of Britain to remember that the state is the servant of the people, and not our master. Moreover, we wish to remind those in Westminster of this fact.”

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