Update on Malik Rahim campaign progress

From Green Party Watch comments

Dear campaign supporters,

Because of your help the campaign has raised almost $10,000 in ten days! I want to especially thank Green Party members from around the country. Your money has allowed us to purchase 10,000 pushcards, signs, stickers, t-shirts and a modest radio package on WBOK AM that will debut tomorrow. It has allowed our volunteers to have materials for door to door canvassing, and has begun to change the perspective of many of our friends that had been sitting on the sidelines. Our biggest challenge is to move voters away from a quiet resignation of incumbent reelection to the hope and inspiration that Malik offers: universal healthcare, troops out of Iraq, sustainable energy, rebuilding the wetlands and and power of the people instead of the corporations.

To do that we need to continually increase our presence. We have succeeded in galvanizing pockets of grassroots support. Now we need to spread our message throughout the district. We hope to increase our radio advertising to the more popular FM urban market stations and to premier a digital billboard by Monday the 24th. But advertising costs are astronomical. With two weeks left in the campaign to go we must raise $1,000 per day to reach out campaign goal of $30,000. Donate now at http://www.votemalik.com/contribute and please encourage friends and family to contribute.

Thank you again for your recent contribution. We could not do it without you, and every donation brings us closer to our goal.

For environmental peace and justice.

Together, we are making a difference!


Shawn G. Christy
Committee to Elect Malik Rahim

4 thoughts on “Update on Malik Rahim campaign progress

  1. Trent Hill

    Iv always thought demographics were an interesting part of third-party politics. For example, Greens and Socialists tend to attract the poorer segments of society and minorities. Sure, their leaders are professors (Who still dont make that much money,btw) and such, but their voter-base is made up of people who really cant afford to donate money.

    Ralph Nader is a different story, since his voter-base is law-students and attorneys. They shell out plenty.

    Libertarians, too, are an interesting part of this study. They’re undoubtedly the richest of the established third-parties, probably partially because they attract so many businessmen with their ideology.

    I just think it is fascinating.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party may be holding a fundraiser for Malik Rahim, though the time and date and other details are not yet established.

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