Albany Greens oppose Clinton nomination to State

Politics on the Hudson says the Capital District Green Party of the Albany, New York, area has announced its opposition to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s nomination as secretary of state. The party said President-Elect Obama’s choice “‘contradicted the anti-war rhetoric he initially based his campaign on.'” The Greens “described Obama’s foreign-policy team as ‘hawkish,’ ‘right of center’ and not in line with the views of most Americans.”

3 thoughts on “Albany Greens oppose Clinton nomination to State

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    As someone who worked in Albany for the Obama campaign for a time, I can say with certainty that this group has no influence whatsoever. They had a chance to get some of the Hillary cult supporters, but they wasted it. The Independence Party of New York and the Libertarians are much stronger here. I happen to agree with the Pig Greens on this, I am not yet sure that Hillary is not part of the fascist/stalinist criminal cabal, but hopefully she has had a change of heart and joined the Catholic Christian Trotskyist Libertarian New World Order.

    I also hereby order all Catholic Trotskyists to read Job Chapter 19, the Book of Isaiah, and the book of 1 Corinthians as spiritual growth for the beginning of the liturgical year.

    I wish everyone a happy Advent, and please repent of your sins and your perverse slander against our meeesenger Barack H. Obama, amen.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    Thank you Erik for the offer of an introduction to a career in political broadcasting. Unfortunately I am not exactly local; I was visiting relatives for the summer. However, I will probably return very soon and may even move to the Capital region, so I will definitely contact you when this happens. The political culture of this area would be a good fit for me, I think.

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