Green Party has over a quarter million registered voters

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

The December issue of Ballot Access News reports on 2008 October Registration Totals by political party for those states that have party registration, 21 states do not.

According to this, the Green Party’s registration numbers are at 255,019 (0.25%). This is below the October 2004 numbers (298,701, 0.34%) but still over 20% higher than October 2000 (193,332, 0.22%). These numbers are heavily dependent on California (118,416 registered Greens as of Oct 2008) followed by New York (28,983), Maine (27,354), and Pennsylvania (16,686).

Other states with reporting numbers include: Alaska (2,926), Arizona (4,009), Colorado (5,526), Connecticut (1,906), Delaware (587), DC (4,548), Florida (6,007), Iowa (356), Kentucky (329), Louisiana (1,040), Maryland (8,384), Massachusetts (7,522), Nebraska (1,041), Nevada (3,349), New Jersey (953), New Mexico (5,290), Oregon (8,834), and West Virginia (973).

6 thoughts on “Green Party has over a quarter million registered voters

  1. Former LP Life Member

    The most interesting part wasn’t mentioned. For the first time, the Green Party has more registered members than the Libertarian Party. The Green Party has 255,019 versus the Libertarian Party’s 240,328.

  2. Former LP Life Member

    Oops, I guess I am wrong, this is not the first time. I stand sheepishly corrected.

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